April 2007 Newsletter
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Next Meeting: Thursday, April 26th, 7 PM Go Chevrolet - 7320 North Broadway near I25 and the Boulder Turnpike.

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.


2007 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers


Rick Cavallaro

Vice President

Dave Burritt
(303) 465-4664


Nancy Keyser


Carol Perez


Nancy Burritt
(303) 465-4664 vintageslots@hypermall.net 

Board Members

Frank Arko 
Roger Less
Don Perez

Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)

email: vintageslots@hypermall.net
303 465-4664
Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
13902 Detroit St.
Thornton, CO 80602

From the Prez


Well, this has been a rough week seeing that Iíve have been sick for most of it. I cough every time I talk and in my business, that is not a good thing. But, this too shall passÖ.right? While I have been sitting here, doing more thinking than talking, I have come to a few realizations.

First off, we all need to take care of health Ė you donít realize how much time you lose when you are sick. The flu is still going around and it is taking people down for weeks. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, Drive your Vette, and see a Doctor if you coming down with something. We want everyone well for this season.

Secondly, we really do have a great group of people at DTRC. You all showed your true colors at the April Foolís Rally Ė There was so much work that went into that event and the group was out in force to help out to ensure a successful day. Right from the start, the day went smooth and we ended up with a great restaurant that was able to handle all our business without a hiccup. Thanks to everyone for that day. We raised a bunch of money for our group and a ton of money for Timís Challenge Ė we are off to a great start. Our next event is the Auto-Cross on May 20th.

And finally, the season is really getting ready to open up. Letís try to fill up all our off time with some unique social events. I know the social committee is open for some new ideas. There was to be an ice cream social event tonight, but watching the snow come down I would guess that it has been cancelled Ė letís reschedule it!!! MaryKay and Deana would love to hear your suggestions at the next meeting.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting on the 26th.

Save the Wave!
Rick Cavallaro
President - Down the Road Corvettes
"Denverís Premier Corvette Club"

Misc. ramblings from the Editor:

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay.  I decided to wait and be able to report on the races at Colorado Springs before publishing this.  As Rick said -  most of the houses I know of have had sick people in the last month or so.  Frank A. fought a bought with pneumonia a few weeks ago, Dave had an ear infection and bad cold (the first days of work he has missed due to illness in I don't know how long & I didn't know if he was going to survive the day of the rally or not), and then Rick came down with his bug.  Hmmm - what were you three guys doing?

So - I'll reiterate what Rick said - stay healthy - it's no fun trying to have fun when you aren't feeling well.  So - stock up on OJ and we hope to see you out playing as the season gets into full swing here this next month. 

See you all Thursday.
Nancy B.

Minutes of Past Meeting



Mike Pettiford from Go4It Racing came to talk about his racing  school. April 8th there will be a school at the Colorado State Patrol Track and  the cost is $700 per person. He  also offers classes at $200 per person if there are 30 or more people interested. Then it is a group instruction class.

A quorum was present.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The checkbook balanced. There is $83.80 in the treasury for Tim's Challenge and $451 from the Penny Board. Treasurer's report was approved.

Ten cars showed up for the Coal Creek Elementary Show and everyone had a great time.

Regional Banquet
We won First Place in the Rocky Mountain NCCC with overall points of 2683. We also received the most out of club points as well as coming in 2nd for the most new members.
From our club:
Ladies Top 10                Mens Top 10
Barb - lst                        Bill M. - 3rd
Tammy - 2nd                  Dave B. - 8th
Nancy K. - 4th               John M. - 10th
Nancy B. - 5th
Jackie - 7th

We needs more volunteers as well as more door prizes for the April Fool's Rally. Cowboy decor is the dress of the day. We will meet at Burger King off of Hwy. 287 at 7:30 a.m..

Rocky Mountain Region NCCC is looking to raise some additional funds, and it was approved that we buy regional patches to help this effort. The patches are $10 and a motion was made and seconded that the club buy patches for all the members. The total cost will be $500 and this motion was approved.

Everyone needs to place their orders if they want any new shirts etc..

There will be 3 races at Grand Junction. On April 14th, there will be a People's Choice Show in Colorado Springs. On April 21st, there will be a Driver's School in Colorado Springs. Points will be awarded - 2 pts. for instruction and 3 pts. if you enter.

There will be an Ice Cream Social at the Sonic on April 13th - 5 to 9 p.m. (94th and Federal).

We now have 50 members. Rep was absent.

Rep. was absent.

March 25th- Autocross in Fruita.
May 20th- DtRC Autocrosses at the Colorado State Patrol Track.
July 15th - DtRC/DCA Autocrosses at Colorado National Speedway
May 27th - Autocross at Colorado State Patrol Track put on by the Colorado Springs Club.
Autocross Meeting - April 17th 4 p.m. at Arko's.
There will be a high speed race at Pueblo and the date will be announced later.
A SPECIAL THANKS TO NANCY B. for the rally routes.

Minutes respectfully submitted by
Carol Perez
Secretary for DtRC

Club News: 

May Birthdays: - 1st - Wanda C.; 3rd - Carol P.; 13th - Tim B. & Dolene S.; 16th Ronda F.; 19th Gail K.; 30th - Tammy B.; 

Sonic Get Together rescheduled for Friday April 27th

Due to the snow - the get together at Sonic was postponed from April 13th to April 27th.  Come on out to the Sonic at 94th and Federal - people will probably start gathering around 5:30 - and if it is like other times, will be there fairly late.  Invite other clubs, invite your friends, invite your enemies (challenge them to a banana split eating contest).  Come one and come all - the more the merrier. There is limited seating, and we have found having the bag chairs to set up in areas away from the tables can be a handy thing to take a load off.  For those that don't know - this is the Sonic that is THE happening place on a nice Friday night -V,  hot rods, mustangs, you name it, if it is a nice night - you'll probably see it.  Many thanks to Mikey M for getting this together.

Timís Challenge - 501C3?  
by Tim B.

Five or so years ago when I first challenged the club to support families that had lost their possibility, I had no idea about the impact that it would have on the club. I certainly didnít consider the impact that it might have on the local Corvette community either. The number of lives that all of you have touched now runs into at least the hundreds and has extended well beyond any wild expectations that any of us had at the time the challenge was made.  

Up to now, the club has depended on the generosity of club members and others to create possibility in the lives of others. Your generosity of both time and money has been incredible, so much so that others outside our club now want to become involved. I see this as a great problem to have. With interest in this event growing beyond the club, itís time for us to take a hard look at it. If the club intends to allow Timís Challenge to grow, then John Mís suggestion of incorporating it as a 501C3 corporation makes a lot of sense.  

There are a lot of good reasons to separately incorporate Timís Challenge. For one thing, separate incorporation will protect the club from outside influence as Timís Challenge grows beyond the club boundaries. However, the two largest have to do with the IRS. First, there is the impact that Timís Challenge fund raising could have on the clubís treasury. Every good accountant will tell you that itís a very bad idea to mix the funds in the treasury for multiple ďcorporationsĒ which by all measures Timís Challenge has already become. Second, if we were to split off Timís Challenge and set up a separate corporation, we could incorporate it as a 501C3 non-profit which would make all donations to Timís Challenge tax deductible, something all of us could use help with, Iím sure. In addition, as a tax deductible corporation, it would also help us solicit donations from other corporations such as Costco, Kmart, WalMart , Colorado Corvette Club and others. There is also the potential that purchases for the families would be tax exempt as well. It would also insulate the club from any adverse impacts that the Timís Challenge activities might have should any ever arise. Keep in mind that the separate incorporation doesnít mean that the club looses control of Timís Challenge, just that it makes it easier for others to participate.  

The fees to incorporate are under $200 if done online. It also looks like the paper work demands once incorporated are minimal as long as the corporation has no employees. In fact, if the proceeds stay under $25,000 per year, only a blank quarterly and yearly report is required according to what Iíve found on the internet. I did read that it can take as long as 6 months to be granted tax exempt status by the IRS. So, if we want to get this in place before the holidays, we need to act now.  

I have no idea how to proceed with this, but I think the time is right to have a discussion on this and begin to take steps to move it forward. Letís get brave and see what we can really do to make a difference in the world.


Upcoming Events
Remember a current schedule of NCCC events, access to flyers, event results and regional points standings can be found at www.rmrnccc.org .  As it is still early - remember, as clubs (ours included) firm up plans dates may change, events may be added, etc - so check back often. 

CSCC Car Show - April 28th (region sanctioned)

The weather postponed the memorial car show being held by the Colorado Springs Corvette Club.  Originally scheduled for April 14th, it has been moved to April 28th.  It is a region-sanctioned people's choice show - and you can get all the info from the flyer - which can be found on the region website - www.rmrnccc.org .

DtRC AutoCrosses -  Colorado State Patrol Track - Golden - May 20th (region-sanctioned)

Last fall was our first time holding a race at CSP - and it worked great.  We don't expect anything but great this time around.   It is a fun track, it has some challenges, and it is fast.  

The flyer and pre-registration forms can be found at www.downtheroadcorvettes.org and www.rmrnccc.org .  A couple of things to point out from the flyer:
- Pack a lunch - we found out it isn't cost effective to get a food vendor up there, and there is nothing close by.  So no food service available. Bottled water will be available..
- Due in part to not having a food vendor - the event pre-registration price is only $25 per race - for a road track that is a very reasonable price.  So pre-register and save some money.
- Pre-Tech.  Everyone is invited to the Sonic on 72nd just west of Federal for pre-tech - 6 pm to 7 pm.  Come on out even if you aren't racing and join in the fun.  DtRC members - if you are racing - please try to come and pre-tech.  That way you are set for Sunday the 20th to come on out and help set up the track, tech other cars, help registration, sweep the track, etc. etc. 
- Never raced before - road tracks are a blast - and easy to find your way around.  You will need to be smart about some of the corners, we had a few cars fly off the track last year - luckily no damage other than to pride - but it is a lot easier for a novice if they can concentrate on their driving and not "getting lost" in a sea of orange cones.  It is a great way to come get a feel for your car. 
- DtRC members don't want to race - but want to come hang out and lend a hand on the 20th - that would be appreciated.  Talk to Frank about times he wants people there, etc. 

So check out the flyer.  Members - see Frank at the meeting if you have questions.

May 12th - Torca - People's Choice Car Show, Charity Poker Draw Car Show - Longmont

TORCA has added a region-sanctioned poker hand car show on the same date and place as their Show us your Vette Dealer Show.  The show is held at Hajek Chevrolet.  Hajek is located on Hwy 119 - west of I-25 a couple of miles.  Easiest way to get there is to take I-25 to 119 then go west - you can't miss it.  Every year this is one of the largest Corvette Shows in the area - last year I believe they had around 150 cars.  They are planning lots of entertainment and fun (as usual).  The People's choice show is free, the poker draw charity car show is $5.  So a total of 6 points for the day if you participate in both events.  For times, etc. see the flyer on the regional website. 

May 12th - CSCC - Concours' Car Show, Funkhana

Yes - this is the same day as the Torca show.  Since they are different types of events that is allowed for sanctioned events.  TORCA is people's choice - and CSCC is a concour' and a funkhana.  The event is down at the Corvette Center - just south of PPIR.  The car show is $25, the funkhana is $5, and there is a swap meet.  If you want to clean out your garage and get a swap meet space - that is $5.  Looking at other people's good stuff is free.  This is one of the ways CSCC raises funds for their club charity.  Directions and all details on the flyer.

Memorial Day Weekend

CSCC - AutoCrosses - State Patrol Track - Golden - May 27th

Just a week after the DtRC autocrosses at CSP, you have the chance to get out there again the following week.  CSCC is hosting 2 low speed autocrosses on the 27th - see their flyer for all the details.

Big Sky Meet - Missoula Montana  May 26 thru May 29

The Big Sky Meet (in Missoula this year hosted by the Hellgate Corvette Club) is region sanctioning their autocross and show-n-shine the year.  This is a first that I remember.  And if you go - these are on different days - and it is LOTS of travel points - for each day - probably more travel points than you would earn at the events.  You know where to find the flyer - the www.rmrnccc.org .  I haven't heard of anyone from the club that is going up - but if anyone is going - let the club know.  I believe mapquest claims it is about 895 miles from Denver to Missoula.

Past Events

3 Autocrosses - Fruita (CWCC) - March 25th

Well - as usual - even after weeks of nice weather - it comes time to head over the hill for the first racing of the season, and the mountains get a little nasty.  DtRC still had a great turnout.  The single guys decided to head over Friday night - without hotel reservations.  You'll need to ask them how that turned out.  The members that went over Saturday said visibility was bad but the roads were ok.  Once there - the weather was fine and the competition was fierce.  The results are on the regional website.  A quick DtRC competition run-down.  In the battle of the ladies - Tammy came out ahead twice, Barb once.  Bill M. took the honors among the DtRC men in all three races.  

DtRC April Fool's Rally - April 1st

A few days before the Rally - mother nature reared her ugly, snowy head again.  I thought on the pre-run Saturday I may be shoveling snow from in front of yard ornaments and bus benches - but it was all gone.  Sunday dawned bright and clear - and I know because at dawn I was on the on-ramp to Hwy 36 to check out the last part of the route.  Speaking of which - a huge thank you to Mike & Mary and Rick & Patty - as they hit the road long before dawn, so they would be at the start at dawn to run the two routes.  

We had approximately 60 cars, a little less than last year - but still a good turnout.  Most cars made it back to the end also.  Some of the interesting answers: Time at Christopher Plaza- 9:30, 9:45, 9:32, 10:01,...  The wagon wheel hub on top of the Pickernell mailbox was called a whiskey barrel, beer keg, bird house.  How many green pickets on the bridge - an obvious April Fools to most of us - answers were 56, 80, 900, 1200, many, same as on the left side, followed by same as on the right side.  Corvettes and Dolly Parton have "big bras" or "head lights" (most did get Exotic Bodies).  Plus the typos, spelling out Company when it should be Co. , missing punctuation, and vs. &, etc. gave the graders something to grade.  A special thanks to the graders also.  They were all caught up - and we had the results within minutes of the last car coming in.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, the restaurant was wonderful - I didn't spot anything amiss, and the parking and inside accommodations were perfect.  The checkpoint and end games from what I heard went very well.  And what a great DtRC turnout to help.  Thirty three out of fifty members were there to help. That is what makes this club great, and makes it fun for us to host the event and make it fun for everyone else.  

CSCC Autocrosses at World Arena - April 22nd

Another good DtRC turnout.  Dave & I didn't do the school on Saturday.  I made him take me to Cripple Creek Friday nite for a little mini-getaway and we headed down Saturday afternoon.  I figured gambling couldn't be that much more expensive than tires, entry fees and other wear and tear on the car.  It was probably a wash (assuming a generous tire allowance)- but I didn't get sunburned at least.   I hear the school went very well though, and people got a lot of seat time in several interesting exercises.  They had a large turnout for the racing on Sunday - and I think we were all there longer than we would have liked, but it was a good course, easy to follow (I was worried since I hadn't done any cone-reading in quite some time).  A couple of DtRC highlights.  John H. was cleaning his windows before the race that morning.  We told him the back window needed cleaning, and he said he didn't look behind him when he raced so no need to clean it.  He then proceeds to clean the glass roof - now why did that have to be clean - where is he looking?  That could explain a lot of things. You're not going to want to arm wrestle with either Tammy or Dale.  You should have seen her whipping those tires in and out of Bill's new trailer.  Dirty job that tire changing - no hugs for them from me before leaving - next time I have to remember to say good-bye before the tires go flying around.  I do admire their energy though.  After being out in the weather all day and on my feet for several hours working a corner, Dave had to pour me in the car and drive me home.  No energy left for tire changing.  They say the difference in the handling with slicks is worth it.  Furthest cone drag of the day award - Bill M. - about 90% of the way around the course.  Most cones dragging at one time - Bill M. - same run - he picked up a second cone under the car about 1/2 way through the course and drug it for quite a while before it finally came loose.  Second longest cone drag of the day - yours truly.  About 2/3 of the way around the course.  First time I've done that - boy does that make a funny noise.  I can say I didn't deserve the "so many cones so little time award" though - I think Tammy gets the club award for that for this race day.  Phil got put in exhibition for the first race due to being in group 2 with no fire extinguisher.  Between races we popped ours out and put it in Phil's car (we race group 1) so he could get into group 2 in the second race.  So this is a good time to remind everyone - it is a simple matter to mount a fire extinguisher in a C5.  A standard household extinguisher is bolted to a metal bracket that has holes that line up with the seat bolts.  Take off the seat bolt nuts, slip the bracket on there and put the bolts back.  That's all it takes.  I ride in the passenger seat - and it doesn't get in my way.  My purse strap catches on it once in a while - but it doesn't get in the way of my feet at all.  The fire extinguisher must be a 5 BC minimum and is required for all group 2 and above cars, and all cars if you are running in a high speed race.  Any questions - just ask.

Non-NCCC Events

Martha H. passed along the flyer for the following - which is right in our backyard this year.  For more information visit the website listed below or contact Martha. 

CorvetteActionCenter.com is hosting its Fourth Annual membersí meeting- called "CruiseFest"- in June 2007. And this year, CruiseFest goes west!

Join us in Colorado Springs, Colorado from Wednesday, June 27 through Friday, June 29 at the Silverwood Hotel & Conference Center! CruiseFest is your chance to join members from all over the United States and Canada as they gather to share the fun of the Corvette Ownership Experience, learn a bit about their Corvettes, travel some new roads and see in person the folks they communicate with in the forums of CorvetteActionCenter.com. Mark Your Calendars now!  Visit CorvetteActionCenter.com and register for all the details.

Committee Updates

Social Committee 
This years social committee is Deana D., Mary Kay K..  So please contact them if you have ideas for activities or are willing to lead a mystery (or non-mystery) meal, or activity.  Some of the things we have done in past years (other than the many driving and/or eating events) - bowling, indoor go-karts, IMAX, plays, comedy clubs, etc.  Mary Kay can assist you with finding a date that doesn't conflict with other club events, and give you suggestions on making plans for a large group.  If you are willing to organize something - please contact her.

Governorís Report
By Nancy B.

NCCC Calendar changes since last month (the region website calendar has the latest and sometimes changes several times a month as venues and dates firm up):
No date/event changes.  Flyers come in periodically and get posted, and as sanction requests come in to the RCD he forwards them to me so I can update the regional website with the sanction numbers.  Sanction requests are how a club gets a "real" date on the calendar - it shows that plans are far enough along for the event that it is really intended to happen.  For regional events - sanction requests are only due 30 days in advance.  For national sanctions - I believe it is 70 days (approx.).  So not all the events have sanction numbers yet - but all the nearer term ones do.

 Not much happening on the governor front that isn't covered in the past or upcoming events section of this newsletter. I want to thank everyone for being so conscientious signing the waivers at the rally.  Some people signed 3-4 times.  Actually - if you care at all about your points - better safe than sorry.  There are different waivers for rallys than for show - which is why you saw so many floating around on April 1st.  I do check these, and points are only awarded if there is a signature on the waiver.  We had 100% - great job.  Other clubs events will be following the same NCCC rule - no waiver signature - no points.  We had a couple of times a club member lost their points for an event last year for that - so this is your friendly early season reminder to sign the waivers.  You can't get anything deducted for signing too many waivers, and there is often confusion, especially on multi-day events, and even more so if they are a mix of shows and rallyes.  It only takes a second to sign a waiver - if in doubt - sign.

Current points standings.  After 4 events (it is very early) - DtRC is in 2nd place - thanks to the brave souls who drove in the snow over to Fruita to race three races.  The points standings are posted at - you guessed it - on the regional website.  Are you getting the impression if you need to see the calendar, find a flyer, or check the points standings - that you can do it all on the web.

And finally, just a clarification for car shows, and who gets points.  Given the region has several multi-event days (rallys combined with car shows, etc.) - there has been some confusion in the past.  For a car show points are only awarded to the owner, and immediate family (or co-owner as listed on the registraton if not immediate family).  So if you ride up to say the Torca All Hallow's Eve event with another club member (where they typically have a car show and 2-3 rallys) - you will only get navigator points for the rallys.  You will not get points for the car show.  To get points for the car show you need to have your Corvette there.  Due to the confusion last year - various events reported the points in various ways.  It didn't impact the final points standings last year - but you never know.  So there will be checks in place this year to ensure consistency and that the rulebook is followed.  So if it matters to you - please plan accordingly.

Drag Racing Report
Joan B.

The Bandimere races dates are May 11, June 1, 22, July 20, Aug. 24, Sept. 7, 21. Gates open at 3:00p.m. Race starts at 7:00p.m., cost is $35, spectators are $10.

Merchandise Report

This year's merchandise committee is composed of Patty C., Jackie M and Tonya R.  If you need any merchandise or have any ideas - let them know. 

NCM Ambassadorís Report
Tim B - National Corvette Museum Lifetime Member

The Museum event season is about to get under way with the C5/C6 Birthday Bash April 26th through the 28th. During the Bash, the drawing for the Victory Red Convertible will be held. Several of us have tickets for this drawing and good luck to all of you! Other events coming quickly include the ZR1/C4 Gathering May 3rd through the 5th and the Corvette Forum Cruise-in May 24th through the 26th.  

The Museum has also announced two very special events coming up later this year. First up is the Mediterranean Cruise June 18th through 30th. Youíll be on a ship with other Corvette enthusiasts as you hit a of the popular destinations in the Mediterranean . For details, check out the museum web site at www.corvettemuseum.com. The other very special event is the Performance Tour II which will be held September 7th and 8th. 60 very lucky people will get a private tour of the insides of Corvette including the Milford Proving Grounds, the GM Tech Center and Pratt & Millerís racing facility. See the Museum web site for all the details including the itinerary.  

As you all know, the Museum is holding a Building Campaign to raise funds for a very sorely needed addition to the Museum. Iíve requested a DVD of the expansion plans which I hope to be able to share with all of you at the April meeting. The Museum is very important to the Corvette community and our club should be thinking about ways that we can support this very vital part of the community.

In other news, the Museum has just announced a new raffle to be held on June 6th. The raffle is for the serial number 3 Ron Fellows Edition Z06! Only 500 tickets will be sold at $500 each. I should probably buy one as itís about the only way that Iíll ever be able to get one. Other raffles besides the Victory Red Convertible to be raffled off at the Bash include a ďBuild Your Own CorvetteĒ raffle to be held on May 4th, tickets are $100 each and a raffle for a Silver Coupe to be held on June 3rd. Tickets for the Silver coupe are $250 each and only 500 will be sold.

Please check the Regional Website - www.rmrnccc.org for the latest regional schedule.  If events are added or dates changed - it will be current there.  The regional website will also contain links to the event flyers as they become available.  



National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.


Show Us Your Vette (Top of the Rockies Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-532-7619
Poker Hand Car Show (Torca) Region-Sanctioned (NEW)


Fun in the Sun Show (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Sanctioned Concours 719-302-5472


Funkhana (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-Sanctioned 719-302-5472


2 Low Speed Autocrosses (DtRC) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303-465-4664


Parade (Colorado Corvette Club) Non-sanctioned 970-724-3506


Big Sky Meet, Missoula, MT (Hellgate Corvette Club) Autocross & Show-n-Shine (NEW) - Region sanctioned, other events Non-sanctioned 406-777-2657

 5-27 2 Low Speed Autocrosses (CSCC) Sanctioned 719-302-5472


Regional Governors Meeting (Grand Junction) 303-709-9388


3 Low Speed Autocrosses (Colorado West Corvette Club) Sanctioned 970-434-5120


Vettes on Broadway Show (Denver Corvette Assn.) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303-781-4896


NCCC National Convention Nashville, TN


National Governors Meeting Nashville, TN


Dealer Show (Colorado Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 970-724-3506



Funkhana Keystone Event (Denver Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-739-9515


2 Low Speed Autocrosses, Keystone Event (Denver Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-739-9515

7-15 2 Low Speed Autocrosses, Colorado National Speedway - Erie.  Region-sanctioned. DtRC & DCA 303 465-4664


Spearfish Meet Spearfish, SD


Vettes on the Rockies (Looking Glass Corvette Assn. Non-NCCC) 303-232-1886


Parade (Colorado Corvette Club) Non-sanctioned 970-724-3506



Rally (Top of the Rockies Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-532-7619


1 Low Speed Autocross (Colorado West Corvette Club) Sanctioned 970-434-5120


2 Low Speed Autocrosses (Colorado West Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 970-434-5120


Dealer Show (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 719-302-5472



Round-Up Event Casper, WY (Central Wyoming Corvettes) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 307-259-3757


Regional Governors Meeting (Casper, WY) 303-709-9388


Dealer Show (Down the Road Corvettes) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303-464-4664


National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.


Pagosa Springs Show (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 719-302-5472


2 Low Speed Autocross (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Sanctioned 719-302-5472



Open Track Practice (am), Pueblo (Denver Corvette Assn.) Non-sanctioned 303-739-9515


High Speed Time Trial (pm), Pueblo (Denver Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-739-9515


3 Low Speed Autocrosses (Colorado West Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned  (NCCC non-sanctioned) 970-434-5120


All Hallows Eve Rally (Top of the Rockies Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-532-7619



Sno-Flake Rally (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 719-302-5472


National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.


Sno Big Deal Shows (Down the Road Corvettes) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303-464-4664


Fun Rallys (Denver Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-781-4896



Regional Governors Meeting (Denver) 303-709-9388


Remember to check our website www.downtheroadcorvettes.org for even more events the club has been notified of and for events that may change (added/deleted) between newsletters.

DtRC Meetings are the 4th Thursday of the month.  
There are no club meetings in November or December, except the annual Holiday Party.

2007 Committees:

Dealer Rep

     Mike Davis until 2008 nominations


     Pat Barnes

Directory Publication

     Pat Barnes

Social Committee

     Deana Delozier     Mary Kay Kelly     

Merchandise Committee

     Patty Cavallaro    Jackie Malouf    Tonya Roach

Rally Committee

     John Maxwell, Nancy Keyser, Dale & Tammy Billingsley

Show Committee

     Don Perez   John Maxwell 

Corvette Museum Ambassador

     Tim Barnes


     Nancy Keyser


     Nancy Burritt     Donna Bauer

Drag Racing Competition Director

     Joan Breher, Ronda Firks

Autocross Competition Director

     Frank Arko    Bill Mount    John Maxwell

Timís Challenge

     Carol Perez

Sno' Big Deal Extravaganza       Bill Schultz     Mike Davis


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If you are a member of Down the Road Corvettes, you may place a For Sale or Wanted Ad for any Corvette related items in our newsletter for free. Submissions must be received via  E-mail to the editor no later than the 15th of each month. 

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For Sale:  *** Price Reduced ***
Set of four wheels off a 1996 corvette, very good condition complete with lug nuts and covers. Sold as set only $300.00.
Please call Bill or Cathy Schultz at 720-872-1259 or email