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April 2011 Newsletter

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Next Meeting: 4th Thursday of the month.  April 28th, 7 PM Go Chevrolet - 7320 North Broadway near I-25 and the Boulder Turnpike.
Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.

2010 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers
President Richard Loch
Vice President Tim Barnes
Treasurer Gail Krusen Secretary Jani Shoemaker
Governor Nancy Burritt and Phil Olbert
303-465-4664 and 303-929-3960
Board Members Mike Perito
Mike Shoemaker
Joe Breher


Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)

303 469-1521
Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
13902 Detroit St.
Thornton, CO 80602

From the Prez....

First of all I would like to congratulate all who helped make this years April Fools Rally a big success. I have received many compliments on how fun and well organized this years rally was. With that being said, the Corvette season is upon us and with something going on almost every weekend, the time to get the cars out and have fun is now. As most of you know Fancy and I will be in Bowling Green for the C5- C6 Bash April 25 thru May 2, so I trust Tim will take up the slack for me at the April meeting. We will be there in spirit as this is the first meeting we have missed since we became members. I hope all is well with everyone.

President, DtRC

Miscellaneous ramblings from the Editor:

First, I'd like to add my thanks to all of the club members who assisted with this year's April Fool's Rally! Another outstanding event thanks to the hard work and dedication of all of you! Well done!

As I put together the list of upcoming events over the next month, it finally began to sink in that even though the weather doesn't appear to be cooperating, Corvette season is upon us! So, let's get out there and enjoy the season while it's still here as it will go by very fast!

I still have the tickets for free races at Unser Racing - an indoor go-kart track right next to Go Chevrolet. If anyone is interested in trying it out, they are open until 10:00 PM and we could stop by after the club meeting. I'll bring my helmet if you bring yours!

By the way, don't forget to pull up the Corvette Museum web site Tuesday late morning and watch Richard and Fancy take delivery of their new baby! We might not all be able to physically be there with them like Mike and Jani will be, be we can all be there in spirit! You can find a note on the details of this down below.

Finally, don't forget the Bike Repair day Saturday April 30th! It's a great time and helps some really disadvantaged kids! Details on this event are also down in the "In the News" section below.

I hope to see everyone at the meeting Thursday night!

Remember - SAVE THE WAVE!


Minutes of the February 2011 Meeting


2 new guests


A quorum of 20 was present.


A motion was made and approved to accept the minutes.


Books balanced at the end of Feb. 2011.


All items of news were in the Newsletter
August 13th – Car Show
October 22nd – Auto Cross


Currently 34 members and no new members were reported.


No new items.


Nothing to report. Register on Bandemere website under "Club Clash" begins May 6th.


a. Thank you to the Palomar's for treats tonight.
b. Mike and Jani will provide treats next month.
c. May 7th - Gateway trip.
d. No mystery meals are scheduled yet. Please get your date scheduled with Mary Kay.


Remaining funds were given to Treasure to deposit in regular account
A motion was made, approved and voted to continue the Tim's Challenge
Mike P. won the tool set at tonight's raffle and $52 was collected. The club donated gifts, food, and grocery gift certificates to a family for the Holiday.
Fancy reported that the family was very thankful and the children really enjoyed the Corvette rides.
A motion was made and approved to close the current bank account and roll into our current club checking account. The treasurer will report and keep separate line items for Tim's Challenge.



No report.


Nothing to report.


August 13th at Jay's Restaurant.


a. Meet at Lamar's Donuts, 9:30am this Sunday to test the course.
b. Everyone is encouraged to bring an item for a door prize.
c. Dave Cooper wond a 15 game set door prize tonight, $65 was raised.


a. By-law changes were approved vote passed.

i. Governor's section still needs to be revistied and revised.


a. The club would like to get more youth involved in the club.

b). Unser Cart Racing until 10:00pm and located next door to Go Chevrolet.
i. Coupons available from Tim.

Meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Jani S.

Club News:

April Birthdays:

Wanda Chadwick
May 1st no, really
Tim Barnes
May 11th
Gail Krusen
May 19th

Upcoming Events

Rather than try to put the entire schedule in here, I've opted to include items both NCCC and otherwise into a close up schedule. If you want to see the entire NCCC schedule, please go to the Rocky Mountain NCCC regional site at http://www.rmrnccc.org/

April 30th

Justin Andersen Memorial Bike Repair Day


May 7th

Fun in the Sun Concours Show


May 15th

CWCC Double Auto-X


May 21st

People's Choice Show


May 22nd

Auto-X Driver's School


May 22nd

Low Speed Auto-X


May 27th - 30th

Big Sky Meet - Whitefish


May 28th

Memorial Day Parade


May 28th

People's Choice Show


May 29th

A-May-zing Gimmick Rallye


May 30th

Double Auto-X - Keystone


June 4th

People's Choice Show


June 4th

Concours Car Show


June 4th

People's Choice Show


June 5th

Double Auto-X


June 5th

Double Auto-X


June 11th

People's Choice Show - Stevenson Chevrolet


June 11th

Poker Rally


June 12th

Triple LS Auto-X - on kart track


In the news section

April Fool's Rally wrap-up

From the Rally Committee - Pat and Fancy

This year's April Fool's Rally was a great success! I have received several e-mails from participants giving our club high praises for this rally and how it has upheld the reputation that DtRC has of hosting on some of the best rally's in the past!

A Big Thank You to all that were able to help make it fun for all who attended. For the members who were unable to help this year, we missed you and we're sorry you missed out on the fun!

A special thanks to all those who met the challenge and supplied the committee with Door Prizes. There were plenty for each car to get a nice Door Prize and a few extra which we raffled off along with the Tim's Challenge raffle prize. Tim's Challenge raised a $147.00 after reimbursement of the purchase of items to be raffled and after paying for the lunches for last year's hosted Family that was able to come out and join us in the fun this year. Mike & Martha, thanks for ordering the raffle prize and bringing it.

A special Thanks to Fancy for communications with the Family to get them available for the day, to Mike & MaryKay K. & Bill & Cathy S. for transporting the kids and having them help with the games at Checkpoint #1 and to All of you who helped them feel welcomed both at the Starting Point and at the Rally End! I know they all had a great time and loved participating with us.

Thanks to Richard, who did a marvelous job with the beautifully made trophies. They were cool & quite unique!

Thanks to "Fred" our newest member, for being available for any complaints. He was a little bored because he said he got no attention at the end of the Rally from anyone. Nothing but praise! (Thanks to Jani & Shoe for bringing Fred).

Thanks to Nancy & Dave, Mike & MaryKay K. & Bill & Cathy S. and anyone who helped with the games at the checkpoints! And to Mike P. for running the fake checkpoint! You all did a great job, even though the weather didn't cooperate.

I want to thank all who helped Gail with registration, who helped with parking, teching, waivers and sending out the cars in the morning. I hope I did not leave anyone out in my thanks to all members. This club hosted a Rally we can all take great pride in and I hope you all enjoyed working to make it a successful event. We did good!!

12th Annual Justin Andersen Memorial Bike Repair Day

From Tim Barnes

It is once again time for the Justin Andersen Memorial Bike Repair Day at Adventure Elementary at Western Hills - just up the street from Go Chevrolet. This is the event where kids bikes are put into ridable condition. The event is Saturday April 30th from 9 AM to noon at the school.

The people at the school really appreciate any and all help that we can provide on bike repair day and also grately appreciate any donations of good used bikes or bike parts that can be used to either help repair broken bikes or replace bikes that are completely beyond repair.

So, if you have good used bikes or bike parts and would like to donate them, please let me know and I can arrange for them to be picked up if you can't make it to the event. If you can make it to the event, come prepared to get dirty and feel free to bring any tools that you think might be useful in repairing broken bikes. You can also just pitch in and help someone else with tools as well.

So, if you can, come on out and help get these kid's bikes in tip-top shape for the summer. It's a great experience!

Committee Updates

Social Committee

From the Social Committee

Looking for mystery meals! Anyone, anyone?

Governor's Report

By Nancy B.

Nothing from the Gov this month.

Be sure to track the calendar on the regional website - www.rmrnccc.org.

Drag Racing Report

By Joan B.

Club Clash dates are: May 5th
May 27th
June 10th
July 29th
August 12th
September 9th
September 23rd

The gates open at 3:30, trials start at 4:00, racing starts at 7:00. No price was listed but last year was $35.

AutoCross Committee

By Tim B.

Nothing to report yet, but it's still early.

Merchandise Report

By Mike and Martha P.

No report

NCM Ambassador's Report

By Richard Loch

Richard didn't have anything new from the Museum this month, but I'd like to remind everyone to be watchng the live web cams at the Museum on Tuesday the 26th as we can all watch Richard and Fancy pick up their shiny new hot rod at the Museum around 11:00 AM MDT. You can find the web cams on the home page of the Museum at: http://www.corvettemuseum.com/ The link to the cameras is at the bottom of the first block on the left side of the home page. Let's all be watching and with them in spirit during their delivery!

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2011 Committees:

Dealer Rep  Mike K.
Membership & Directory  Cathy S. / Nancy B.
Social Committee  Mary Kay K.
Merchandise Committee  Mike and Martha P.
Rally Committee  Pat B. and Fancy L.
Show Committee  Mike D., Bill S. and Dave C.
Corvette Museum Ambassador  Richard L.
Webmaster  Mike P.
Newsletter  Tim B.
Drag Racing Competition Director  Joan B.
Autocross Competition Director  Tim B. and Mike S.
Caravan Coordinator and Bones carrier  Bill S.
Sno'Big Deal Extravaganza  open
Tim's Challenge Committee  MaryKay, Pat, Martha and Fancy
Roving Reporter/Photographer  Bill S.