February 2009 Newsletter
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Visit NCCC on the web at: www.corvettesnccc.org

Next Meeting: 4th Thursday of the month.  February 26th, 7 PM Go Chevrolet - 7320 North Broadway near I-25 and the Boulder Turnpike.

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.

2009 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers


Mike Davis

Vice President

Bill Schultz


Gail Krusen


Nancy Keyser
Joan Breher


Nancy Burritt
(303) 465-4664

Board Members

Mike Kelley 
Roger Less


Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)

email: grandsport5@comcast.net
303 469-1521

Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
13902 Detroit St.
Thornton, CO 80602


A note from Mike:


Well, it is still difficult getting used to my new title, sooo.



As the Corvette season fast approaches, it seems every ones calendar is starting to fill. With the Convention, Caravan, Races, Mystery Meals, Rallies, Car Shows, Parades, Saturday night “drive-ins”, & Spur of the moment drives, I don’t know how we will get it all done in such a short season. (But we will try).



With this being our second club meeting this new year, please let me emphasize the importance of every one attending this one. Every one knows that the results of the survey we took this past month will be announced & discussed, we all need your feedback and ideas.



On a personal note, this past news year eve, I learned that the Denver Police have UNMARKED CHEVROLET TAHOES!!!.  They do NOT keep up with Z06’s, except when they turn on their RED LIGHTS. (One of our club members knew this, D. R.), but forgot to warn me.



See you all at the next meeting,  Save the Wave



Ps. Remember one thing……..



Misc. ramblings from the Editor

Well, I’ll tell you, combining all different kinds of documents into HTML is quite a challenge, but I’m getting the hang of it – sort of. Maybe by the end of the year, I’ll actually be to the point where things will look half way decent.

My favorite time of year is here – April Fool’s Rally time. Let’s all get behind the rally committee and make this a great event!

One thing that I’m going to do is to publish a schedule of upcoming events – say within the next month. My version of the schedule will include not only club and NCCC events, but also events of other non-NCCC clubs. My goal will be to give better visibility to not only club events and NCCC events, but also to other events in the local Corvette Community so that we can support our friends in all the clubs in the area.

I’m also waiting on word from Western Hills Elementary School on if and or when the Justin Anderson Bike Repair Day will be coming. I know that all of us that helped out with the event last year had a ball and I’m pretty sure that they would like to have us back again this year. Tim’s Challenge will again support the event, but probably not to the extent that we did last year.


Minutes of Past Meeting
Down the Road Corvettes
Minutes of January 2009 Meeting


There was a Quorum present.



We were pleased to be joined by Richard and Fancie Lock who have a 1984 and 2009 Z06.



The previous minutes were approved.



Gail was not present(hope she feels better). Mike D. gave report and was approved.



Regional Banquet is March 7. Reminder NCCC Convention is August 7-14,2009.



No new members Send any new info to Nancy (new car pics,new e-mail address).



Mike and Martha are now in charge. $300 was approved to buy mew stock.



The Mystery Meal is March 21.



Tim B. gave a great wrap up of this year Christmas deliveries.



No Report. John M. will assist new Ambassador.



The Golden Autocross is June 27. This will be the only one besides the Convention race. We need lots of worker bees, good training for convention.



No report.



April Fool's Rally- Joan B. will chair (she needs lots of HELP), Phil O. will be Route Master.

A survey was handed out by new prez. Mike D., he will e-mail to all members and present they results at future meetings.




Submitted by

Joan Breher



Club News: 

March Birthdays:  
Joe Breher       - 25th

April Fool’s Rally – It’s Time!!!!

Joan Breher has stepped up to the plate to be the chairperson of the umpteenth annual April Fool’s Rally. Phil Olbert has volunteered to head up the route planning effort. Joan will also need someone to head up the People’s Choice car show which will be done to support Tim’s Challenge.

Upcoming Other Events
Rather than try to put the entire schedule in here, I’ve opted to include items both NCCC and otherwise into a close up schedule. If you want to see the entire NCCC schedule, please go to the Rocky Mountain NCCC regional site at http://www.rmrnccc.org/ 



Sponsoring Club

March 7th

Regional Awards Banquet


March 15th

Triple Low Speed Auto-X


March 21st

St. Patrick’s Day


April 5th

PC Charity Car Show


April 5th

April Fool’s Rally


April 19th

Driving School / Auto-X ?


April 25th

Auto-X School – PPIR


Aptil 26th

2 Low Speed Auto-X – PPIR


DtRC has been invited to participate in Georgetown Colorado’s 4th of July parade. I’ll update the information as the time gets closer. 


Justin Anderson Memorial Bike Repair Day 

I don’t have the details on the event this year, but the Justin Anderson Memorial Bike Repair Day at Western Hills Elementary School will be coming soon – probably the first Saturday in May. The club has expressed an interest in participating in the event again this year the school is excited to have us participate again. I will work as the coordinator of the event and hope to have details soon.


DtRC Club Bone-Head award 

Rumor has it that the “bones” are getting prepared for an active season though early bets are that our Vice-President has a lock on them! 

Committee Updates

Social Committee
Mary Kay, Mary and Cathy

Watch for spur of the moment events!

Be sure not to forget the March mystery meal (well, it’s not really a mystery, but it is a lot of fun).

                          MARY’S 5TH ANNUAL ST.







                   LITTLETON, CO.






PLEASE RSVP TO 720-981-9796 (MARY)


Governor’s Report - 
By Nancy B.

Upcoming NCCC Events:


Regional Awards Banquet - March 7th


Same place as always - Embassy Suites - I70 and Havana.
Doors open at 6 p.m., Dinner & Awards at 7 p.m.
$35 in advance, $40 at the door.
For RSVP info, menu information, etc. please see the flyer posted on the Regional website.


CWCC AutoCrosses (3) - Fruita High School - March 15th.  Flyer on the regional website.


TORCA Driving school and AutoCross - I've received email that TORCA is in the final stages of planning a morning drivers school/afternoon autocross day in the Denver area.  The tentative information is: Date - 4/19.  School entrollment will be limited.  I would expect final details to be coming out soon, and will forward on as soon as I get them.  In the meantime - if you are interested please mark your calendars.  Also - for you experienced autocrossers, they are looking for a couple of additional volunteers to be instructors.  If you are interested, let me know and I'll send you Ken B's contact info so you can see if they have filled all the instructor spots or not.


Other Governor items


The governors have received a note from NCCC asking them to remember to support the NCCC sponsors. Instead of taking space here - I'll just forward that all on to you.  Obviously, nothing is obligatory, but if all things are equal please do try to do business with our sponsors and make sure that you let them know that you are NCCC so that they know their sponsorship dollars are going to good use.  More details in the email I will forward on after this newsletter comes out.


You should have gotten your 2009 membership packet by now.  In it is the convention schedule.  You only have 6 or 7 more months of me reminding you that Convention is coming up right in our back yard - Colorado Springs - and is being hosted by the Rocky Mountain Region. We (DtRC) are doing the timing for the low speed autocross.  So we will need workers on August 11 & 12.  So whether you intend to attend the entire thing or not, if possible, please come on out and help on those days.


The Colorado Spring Corvette Club is having an AutoX and Drivers School 4/25 and 4/26 - at PPIR in the parking lot - which is the same place the Convention low-speed autocross is at. I'll contact Walt to see if it is in the same part of the lot that the Convention autocross is.  If it is - then it would be good if some (or a lot) of us could go down there on 4/26 and check out the facilities and logistics.  I'll definitely find out before I write up the March column.  For those that are autocrossing - you'll be down there anyway.  For the rest of us - a nice drive down to check it out, and then a late brunch somewhere sounds like a nice pleasant day.  I'll let you know as it gets closer.


That's it for now.  The next regional governors' meeting is on March 8th - so there will probably be more to share next month.

50th Annual National Convention - August 7 - 14, 2009 - RMR - Colorado Springs, CO.

And a permanent reminder for the next year’s worth of newsletters.  Don't forget as you start making 2009 vacation plans - mark the following in your book. DtRC will be hosting the low-speed autocross currently scheduled for the parking lot at PPIR.  I don't have the AutoCross dates handy, but can get them if you need them this soon.  Even if you can't join us for the whole week, we'll need lots of help the days of our events (it is over two days I believe).


The competition season has ended for 2008.  The results will be up within a couple weeks on www.rmrnccc.org .  The regional planning meeting is coming up soon - Frank has one date on the CSP calendar in June for our 2009 AutoCross, and I am of course going to put on the April Fools rally for the 1st Sunday of April and the Sno Big Deal shows the weekend before Thanksgiving - unless I hear otherwise.  We're not locked into anything by putting events on the calendar.  But we may get locked out of a date if another club has a similar event scheduled for the same day.  So better safe than sorry.

15th Anniversary National Corvette Caravan - August 31 – Labor Day 2009

Planning is underway for the fourth National Corvette Caravan heading to Bowling Green Kentucky to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the National Corvette Museum. Repeating the Denver stop of the caravan from the 50th birthday bash in 2003 is going to be a daunting challenge. A lot has changed since 2003. The caravan planning committee is meeting on the second Thursday of every month at Go Chevrolet.

Up next is preparation of a budget so the committee can put together a request for sponsorship from the Colorado Chevy Dealers Association. Given the state of the economy at this point in time, sponsorship is not a slam dunk and it will take a lot of hard work by a lot of people to insure that caravan participants have another experience to remember with this caravan. For those of you that participated in the 50th birthday caravan, please come out and help the committee.

Drag Racing Report
Joan B.


The 2009 schedule should be available rel soon now. Depending on the interest this year, we could re-establish the club in the points chase.


AutoCross Committee
Frank A.


DtRC has reserved Jun 27th for an autocross at the CSP track in Golden.


Merchandise Report

Mike and Martha are busy getting things organized and ready for the new season. Be sure to check out the merchandise table for new items and to get great prices on the old merchandise.

NCM Ambassador’s Report

For the latest news and events at the museum go to http://www.corvettemuseum.com/


With the departure of John Harnagle from the club, this position is open!


The Museum had its first delivery in the new Corvette Boulevard! The construction cams are also now up and running so you can watch as the final stages of the addition are completed! Be sure to go to www.corvettemuseum.com to check out the progress!



Want to Advertise?
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*** Member Ad ***

For Sale:


1980 Corvette 4 Sale, Automatic, 60K miles. glass tops, Silver / Dark Blue,True Spoke wheels & new tires, + original wheels.

Original and stock.  Good condition. Tell me what it's worth.

Bruce Kinney

(303) 543-1238 



2009 Committees:

Dealer Rep

     Mike K.

Membership & Directory

     Cathy S. / Nancy B.

Social Committee

     Mary Kay, Mary and Cathy   

Merchandise Committee

     Mike and Martha

Rally Committee

     Joan – Chair,

Show Committee


Corvette Museum Ambassador



     Mike P.


     Tim B    

Drag Racing Competition Director

     Joan B.

Autocross Competition Director

     Frank A.

Tim’s Challenge Representative


Sno' Big Deal Extravaganza


Roving Reporter/Photographer

     Bill S.