July 2007 Newsletter
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Next Meeting: Thursday, July 26th, 7 PM Go Chevrolet - 7320 North Broadway near I25 and the Boulder Turnpike.

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.


2007 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers


Rick Cavallaro

Vice President

Dave Burritt
(303) 465-4664


Nancy Keyser


Carol Perez


Nancy Burritt
(303) 465-4664 vintageslots@hypermall.net 

Board Members

Frank Arko 
Roger Less
Don Perez

Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)

email: vintageslots@hypermall.net
303 465-4664
Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
13902 Detroit St.
Thornton, CO 80602

From the Prez

Greetings All,

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is buying a new Vette these days? We have had at least three (to my knowledge) new C6’s join our ranks within the club within the last 4 weeks. Bill M. in his super fast Z06, Mike & Mary with their beautiful white convertible, and then our newest Vette belongs to Bill & Cathy with a wonderful new Monterrey Red convertible. I don’t think I am forgetting anyone. My best guess is that is must be something in the water!!!!

Great mystery meal this last month – Thanks Dallas and Carol for hosting that - I would have never known that they built such cool trains right here in Fort Lupton.

Great autocross this pass weekend also – nice job by our autocross committee for putting on such a great event. Thanks to everyone for helping out – but, boy was it hot!!!! We got lots of good feedback.

Our Car Show committee is hard at work planning the car show for September. They will be sending around some sign up sheets for various positions at the next meeting. Be sure to sign up and volunteer for one of these jobs. We host a pretty big show and it can’t be done by only a few people. We need everyone to help out – this is a great way to be a part of the group and a great way to get to know each of our club members better. So be sure to sign up when the list comes around.

As always, I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting on the 26th.

Save the Wave!
Rick Cavallaro
Down the Road Corvettes
"Denver’s Premier Corvette Club"

Misc. ramblings from the Editor:

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a fun summer and staying cool.  Looking for somewhere to get away to?  We took a quick trip up to Cripple Creek today.  On the way back we took a gorgeous route through our very special Colorado mountains.  So I thought I'd share the route in case you were looking for a little get away.   We've done this route a couple of times - always south to north (the way home from Cripple Creek).  I'm sure it would be pretty the other way also - but coming north bound you have a good view of the mountains to the west.  I'll map it from  hwy 24 where you hit it coming from Cripple Creek.  From Hwy 24 turn North on to Hwy 67 (the two highways meet at Woodland Park).  You go north to Deckers.  At Deckers you stay to the left and it will take you to Buffalo Creek and eventually to Hwy 285. This route takes you through the burn area of some of Colorado's worst wildfires.  While there are a lot of burnt trees, the grasses, etc. are coming back in full force.  It runs past some interesting rock formations and along a creek for part of the way.  And there are some beautiful mountain vistas.  Then of course back to civilization(?) as you end up on the super-speedway of 285 and then 470 - but the mountain part of the drive was really pretty and a great alternative to going back to Colorado Springs and fighting Sunday evening Colo Spgs to Denver traffic.  An interesting day trip wouldn't even have to involve Cripple Creek.  A trip to Colo Spgs and a drive through Garden of the Gods would take you to 24.  Then west to Woodland Park.  Then pick up the directions above with north on 67.

Do you have a favorite drive or place to go in your Vette?  Send it to me - I'll put it in next month.

See you all Thursday.
Nancy B.

Minutes of Past Meeting
Down the Road Corvette Meeting Minutes - June 28, 2007

No new guests present.

Jerry Avery came and presented prints of Vettes that he wanted to sell.
Brett Kelly needs support as he is running for Wheat Ridge City Council. He also was asking for Vette owners who might be interested in participating in the Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival on Aug. 18th.
Friday, June 29th is  wear a Red Shirt Day to support the troops.

There was a quorum present.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The checkbook balanced. Tim's Challenge has $788.80 and the Penny Board has $581. Treasurer's report was approved.

A special thanks for all who helped and participated in the Heritage Square Car Show.

June 29th is Drive Your Vette to Work Day.
Cars needed to participate in the Cherry Oaks Senior Living Center Car Show on July 14th from 11 to 2 p.m.
Meeting will be held at the Perez's on Tuesday, July 12th to discuss the upcoming Car Show.
Mike and Mary D and Bill M are now the proud owners of new Vettes.  Mike  and Mary now are the owners of a 2006 C6 and Bill is the owners of a new 2007 Z06. Congratulations to Mike, Mary and Bill.
Kaye Bennett needs volunteers to be in the July 4th Parade in Vail.

No new business.

New patches were handed out.
July 4th Funkana at Keystone.
New event - Autocross in Casper - July 22nd.  Casper Roundup Event is Labor Day weekend - registration deadline end of July.
August 11 and 12th - Torca Rally & CWCC Autocrosses at Grand Junction.
NCCC Convention - They are looking to put this event on in Colorado in 2009. There are many people interested in this location. It will be voted on in November. Event will require lots of help and participation.

Tim and Pat B will be hosting a club BBQ on August 4th at their home.
Social Committee is looking for places for the Christmas party.
Mystery Meal will be July 7th. Meet at Greystone Radisson Hotel at 9 a.m.
August 3rd we will be meeting at Adventure Golf and Speedway for a fun event.
August 12th the DeLozier's are hosting a Mystery Meal.

No report.

No report.

We have 60 cones and there is a need for about 200 more at a cost of $2.50 each plus shipping.  Motion was made, seconded and the vote passed for the club to purchase 200 cones.
Colorado National Speedway - Event will be held on July 15th. Start time for helpers is 7:30 and gates open at 8 a.m.  There will be a 9:15 drivers meeting.
High Plains Speedway will be a new track 60 miles outside of Denver. It will be on 460 acres near Hwy 36. 2.5 mile track with 15 turns. Will be opened probably Spring of 2008.

July 20th there will be a race at Bandimere. Gates open at 3 and there will be practice runs at 3:30 p.m. $35 to race and $10 to watch.

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted by
Carol Perez
Secretary of DtRC

Club News: 

August Birthdays: - Bruce K - 17th; Phil O - 18th; Deana D - 27th; Roger L - 28th

I've received several "For Sale" Ads for this month (all those new cars - people have accessories, etc. for sale.  And if at first you don't succeed - try try again - Bruce is trying to sell yet a different car - and this time it is a Vette).  So make sure to check out the For Sale section at the end of the newsletter.

If anyone wants to organize dinner before the meeting Thursday - just drop out an email saying when and where.  Last month we ate at Mickey's Top Sirloin - just down the street from GO Chevrolet.  It was good food, they had early bird specials before 6:00 - and had no trouble handling a group of 12-15.  Thanks to Deana for arranging that.

Upcoming Events
Remember a current schedule of NCCC events, access to flyers, event results and regional points standings can be found at www.rmrnccc.org .  As it is still early - remember, as clubs (ours included) firm up plans dates may change, events may be added, etc - so check back often. 

DtRC's third autocross day - August 26th - Colorado National Speedway - Erie

Mark your Calendars for DtRC's third race day of the year.  This will be co-hosted with DCA again - and as we found at the last race - with the limited time we have for set-up and due to the location of various facilities at the track - it takes a lot of bodies to pull this one off.  And we need our mother nature contacts to do a dance for a little cooler weather - Mary, Cathy - you guys are in charge of the weather - start dancing.  Flyer should be out shortly - and I'm sure there will be details given at the meeting and via email as to when the autocross committee and event chairs need workers to show up and what they need them to do. 

DtRC/GO Dealer Appreciation Car Show- date September TBD

Show planning is under way - and we eagerly await for the dealer to firm up the date.  So stay tuned for a date.  Your door prize chair sent the following request:

From  Roger D, Chairman, Door Prizes for the GO Car Show – As you know, DtRC gives a door prize to every car that enters.  With the number of members we have, we only need one or two donations from each member.  Please bring your donation to the meeting.   Merchant donation letters are available. 

Western Slope Weekend - 2 Rallyes and 3 Autocrosses - August 11 & 12

This will be a big weekend - and it is a great time to drive across to Grand Junction.  On Saturday TORCA will host 2 rallyes - a poker rally and a gimmick rally.  These start in DeBeque - which is exit 62 off of I-70 (so about 44 miles east of Fruita).  Tech and Registration is 1-2 with drivers meeting at 2:00.  Then the following day there are 3 autocrosses hosted by CWC at the Fruita High School.  It would be a blast to get a bunch of us together to head over.  Let's discuss caravan times at the next meeting.  Some of us are booked in at the Super 8 and others at the Comfort Inn - both in Fruita.  The hotels in Fruita are very close to the High School - where CWCC holds their autocrosses.  TORCA has arranged for group rates - here is the hotel information from TORCA:

A Block of 40(group rate) non smoking 2 queen bed rooms, have been reserved under the name of TORCA, for Saturday night August 11th.  When you call for a room: Please use the name of "TORCA" so they can take the room from the group inventory .   The cut off date to claim a room will be by no later then July 28th, or 2 weeks prior.  Cancellation can be made up to 24 hours prior to arrival date.

Corvette Roundup - Central Wyoming Corvettes - Labor Day Weekend - Registration deadline - July 31st.

Pre-registration is now open for the annual Corvette Roundup in Casper.  All competition events are region-sanctioned.  The autocross on the 3.1 mile road course will be limited to the first 100 "cars" according to the flyer.  I don't know if they mean cars or entrants for that.  The registration form says that event will be limited to 100 cars - and pre-registration only - no registration at the door.  Registration cut-off is July 31st.  There will be a show-and-shine, 2 rallyes run concurrently - gimmick and poker, the time-trial (aka autocross).  You will get travel points for each day you participate in an event (once per day).  In addition, country singer Vince Gill is in Casper that weekend and they are offering discounted $45 tickets to his concert - which is Saturday night at 7:30 p.m.  For non-racers on autocross day there will be a cruise with a lunch stop during that time.  The flyer, registration form and Vince Gill information are all in the same file and it is posted on the regional website calendar.  It has always been a good time, but I know many club members have gone to this for several years in a row now and are ready to try something different. If anyone knows they are going (Dave & I are undecided - but leaning towards not going) and would like to organize a caravan, etc. - send an email to the club - and I will also include that info in the next newsletter.

Non-NCCC Upcoming Events

All Star Chevy Weekend at Bandimere - August 18-19:

Check out www.bandimere.com for all the details.  This is a Friday/Saturday/Sunday event.  There is a car show, drag racing, vendors, etc.  The most interesting sounding part is a test and tune on Friday.  It is from 10-3 (with tech earlier than 10).  I would guess this would be a good day to take off and get lots of runs in.  The car show is Sunday - and there are various drag races Saturday and Sunday.  To tell you the truth - I didn't fully understand the schedule.  Some of you drag racers may want to discuss if you want to play hooky on the Friday and go play.  Since it is GM cars only and is a work day - it may not be quite as quiet as the previous - Corvette only days Corvette Connection used to host - but I bet it would be pretty quiet.  Check out the flyer on bandimere's website for all the scoop (maybe you can figure it out).

Past Events

DtRC/DCA autocross - July 15th - Colorado National Speedway - Erie

This event went off very well - especially considering this was a new track for us.  A huge thanks to Bill M and Frank A for all the work they did organizing this.  And great job all - it took lots of help from many, many club members to pull off all that had to be done the day of the race.  Thanks all.

We had just under 50 drivers (and a few less for the second race - but not many less).  And it was a hot time.  By that I mean that Dave's car was registering several degrees over the 100 degree mark down on the track.  The results are in process and will I would guess be posted by the end of the week.    

Keystone 4th of July events - DCA

The funkhana was lightly attended - 4 cars (8 entrants).  Of these - 5 entrants were DtRC members.  Thanks for representing the club guys and gals.  

The results for the two races are posted.  I was out of town - but Dave went.  I hear several of our club members got to try out Bill's new Z06 - man the things I miss out on when I leave town.  And if you happen to notice on the results of one of the races that Frank A is in class FM (C6 Z06) - no - much as he would like to - he doesn't have a new Z06.  Bill let him race his.  And he beat Bill - now there must be a rule against that somewhere :)  I hear it is quite something to drive.  Good thing my DH will only own an automatic - so I don't need to worry that he is going to go out and get one.  If they ever option a Z06 with an automatic transmission - I may be in trouble.

Committee Updates

Social Committee 

July Mystery Meal -
By Roger D

On 7-7-07 , Dallas and Carol Adkins hosted a wonderful day in Ft. Lupton, with 8 Corvettes participating.  We started off at the Colorado Railcar CO. where Dallas works as a consultant on occasion.  That is where they build luxury 2-story passenger dome train cars for destination travel as well as commuter travel.  Their motto is “See the world in a way that is only possible by train.”  Two employees came in on their day off to show us how it’s done.  We toured the largest train car ever built and saw the production line of railcars in various stages being built.  The basic framework takes about a month to build and the interior and all the extras take another 8 months, which makes it a 9-month project, hence the name “their baby.”  They build about 20 cars per year.  This is the only luxury railcar company in America.  Gail K. was once again impressed by the train whistle.  Now Bill S. and Rick C. are trying to plan a dome-car train trip out of Anchorage . 


We then made a short stop at Purifoy Chevrolet to view the new 2008 Corvette with an LS3 engine.   Also saw a Calloway souped-up 560 HP ‘vette.  Sorry, Bill M., it’s only 55 HP more than yours.  Again, employees were there on their day off to show us around and answer questions.  They even provided much-needed cold water bottles and 3 nice door prizes just for coming by.   A great Mexican lunch followed in a 100-year-old grain elevator next door.  Thanks again to Dallas, Carol, and employees of Colorado Railway and Purifoy.   


AUGUST MYSTERY MEAL  -- Roger and Deana D.  are hosting the next Mystery Meal on Sunday, August 12th.  Meet at the Outback parking lot at Denver West Mall at 9:45 a.m. – leave at 10:00 .  For Don R., that’s just off I-70 and Colfax.



Mary Davis is planning the details of this and it will probably be at Cinderella City Theater.  The gates open at 7:00 and the movies start around 8:30p.m.   The original planned date turned out to be the night before the next DtRC hosted autocross. So bring your calendars to the meeting and Mary will be looking for a date that works.  She is hoping for sometime in August.


Upcoming social events - 
Keep an eye on your email and future newsletters - here is the sign-up list of the volunteers for the next several mystery meals:  Bill & Cathy -  September.  Also another picnic is in the planning to be held at Tim & Pat B.s.  Details soon.


This years social committee is Deana D., Mary Kay K.  So please contact them if you have ideas for activities or are willing to lead a mystery (or non-mystery) meal, or activity.  Some of the things we have done in past years (other than the many driving and/or eating events) - bowling, indoor go-karts, IMAX, plays, comedy clubs, etc.  Mary Kay can assist you with finding a date that doesn't conflict with other club events, and give you suggestions on making plans for a large group.  If you are willing to organize something - please contact her.

Governor’s Report
By Nancy B.

We are about half way through the competition season.  There have been events on 15 different days so far this year (totaling about 29 events), and the current calendar shows about 15 days of events remaining (with approx. 32 events).   August is rather light on events (or at least there are a couple of free weekends as the events are concentrated only taking up two of the weekends).  Then I don't know what it is about fall and approaching winter - but September there are events on 3 of the weekends (maybe 4 depending on our show date).  And the trend continues into October and November.  You can keep track of the event results, points standings and get flyers for upcoming events (and calendar updates) at www.rmrnccc.org .   

The last couple of years Dave & I have tried to make it to an out-of-region event.  Haven't managed it yet this year - but there is a multi-day event in Albuquerque headquartered at a casino (sounds better to me all the time) that looks interesting.  It is late in September - and we're not sure how we are spending the rest of this year's vacation yet - but if we decide to go - we'll let you all know in case anyone wants to come.  That event looked the most interesting of any in the surrounding area.  If you will be traveling or looking for an excuse to - you can find links to the other regions websites by going to www.corvettesnccc.org - scroll down quite a ways on the home page and you'll see a USA map divided into NCCC regions and links to all the region websites.  It is good to go see how others run things, we often come away with good ideas or things to consider.

Whatever you do - remember - safety first, we want to see you at the next meeting/mystery meal/competition event.  Be safe, and have a great time.

Drag Racing Report
Joan B.

From the Editor: Club Clash - Bandimere - July 20th.  DtRC had 3 racers, Dave B. decided to go play with Joan, and Bob S. (former DtRC president) was visiting from Arizona and also put the club KK on his car.  Thanks for coming up Bob.  It was their biggest club clash so far this year - 400+ cars, but due to perfect weather and no breakdowns - they actually completed the race. DtRC's very own Dave B. took 2nd place in the 14 seconds+ bracket.  Needless to say - he didn't get home until after 1 a.m.  In the process he blew away a C6 and a Mustang - so all in all - a good night for him.  As you know - our car is bone stock - 2000 - auto transmission.  The C6s were typically running about a 1/2 second faster times.  The C6 he raced did not have the performance axel - and was actually slower than our C5.  Dave had a slightly slower time but he was hard on the brakes at the finish line.  Of course with drag racing there are other variables and it isn't a flat how fast can you go - but it is nice (for the checkbook anyway) to know that the ol' C5 (and its ol' driver) still does well at the dragstrip.  Now we just need to check the tires - I don't think they'll last this Corvette season.

The remaining Bandimere race dates are  Aug. 24, Sept. 7, 21. Gates open at 3:00p.m. Race starts at 7:00p.m., cost is $35, spectators are $10.

Merchandise Report

This year's merchandise committee is composed of Patty C., Jackie M and Tonya R.  If you need any merchandise or have any ideas - let them know. 

NCM Ambassador’s Report
Tim B - National Corvette Museum Lifetime Member

I have BIG news! The NCM is holding a driving school at Spring Mountain on November 11th and 12th. Students will get approximately 2-hours of classroom instruction and about 4 hours on the track.  Students in the beginner through intermediate groups will have an instructor in the car with them while on the track. If you have instructor status with any track organization and would like to participate as an instructor, please contact Roc Linkov, NCM Events Manager, at roc@corvettemuseum.com or 800-538-3883 x162 to provide your driver’s log information. Hang on for more information as it becomes available.

2008 Corvette production will get into full swing on July 16th when the plant resumes operations after its two week summer break.

In raffle news, Ron Sheh is the lucky bum who won the Ron Fellows Edition Z06. The drawing for the Daytona Pace car will be held on Wednesday July 25th and the Victory Red Coupe will be drawn during the Labor Day Anniversary celebration.

The 2009 caravan web site is now up and running and registration will be open soon. Check out the site at www.corvettecaravan.com !

Please check the Regional Website - www.rmrnccc.org for the latest regional schedule.  If events are added or dates changed - it will be current there.  The regional website will also contain links to the event flyers as they become available.  



Spearfish Meet Spearfish, SD


Vettes on the Rockies (Looking Glass Corvette Assn. Non-NCCC) 303-232-1886


Parade (Colorado Corvette Club) Non-sanctioned 970-724-3506



Rallyes - Poker & Gimmick (Top of the Rockies Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-532-7619


1 Low Speed Autocross (Colorado West Corvette Club) Sanctioned 970-434-5120


2 Low Speed Autocrosses (Colorado West Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 970-434-5120


Dealer Show (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 719-302-5472

8-26 Autocrosses (Down the Road Corvettes) Region Sanction (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303 465-4664


Round-Up Event Casper, WY (Central Wyoming Corvettes) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 307-259-3757


Regional Governors Meeting (Casper, WY) 303-709-9388


Dealer Show (Down the Road Corvettes) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303-465-4664


National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.


Pagosa Springs Show (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 719-302-5472


2 Low Speed Autocross (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Sanctioned 719-302-5472



Open Track Practice (am), Pueblo (Denver Corvette Assn.) Non-sanctioned 303-739-9515


High Speed Time Trial (pm), Pueblo (Denver Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-739-9515


3 Low Speed Autocrosses (Colorado West Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned  (NCCC non-sanctioned) 970-434-5120


All Hallows Eve Rally (Top of the Rockies Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-532-7619



Sno-Flake Rally (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 719-302-5472


National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.


Sno Big Deal Shows (Down the Road Corvettes) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303-465-4664


Fun Rallys (Denver Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-781-4896



Regional Governors Meeting (Denver) 303-709-9388

Remember to check our website www.downtheroadcorvettes.org for even more events the club has been notified of and for events that may change (added/deleted) between newsletters.

DtRC Meetings are the 4th Thursday of the month.  
There are no club meetings in November or December, except the annual Holiday Party.

2007 Committees:

Dealer Rep

     Mike Davis until 2008 nominations


     Pat Barnes

Directory Publication

     Pat Barnes

Social Committee

     Deana Delozier     Mary Kay Kelly     

Merchandise Committee

     Patty Cavallaro    Jackie Malouf    Tonya Roach

Rally Committee

     John Maxwell, Nancy Keyser, Dale & Tammy Billingsley

Show Committee

     Don Perez   John Maxwell 

Corvette Museum Ambassador

     Tim Barnes


     Nancy Keyser


     Nancy Burritt     Donna Bauer

Drag Racing Competition Director

     Joan Breher

Autocross Competition Director

     Frank Arko    Bill Mount    John Maxwell

Tim’s Challenge

     Carol Perez

Sno' Big Deal Extravaganza      Bill Schultz     Mike Davis


Want to Advertise?
If you are a member of Down the Road Corvettes, you may place a For Sale or Wanted Ad for any Corvette related items in our newsletter for free. Submissions must be received via  E-mail to the editor no later than the 15th of each month. 

Disclaimer: All prices listed here are not guaranteed.  You will need to confirm any and all prices with the selling party.


For Sale:  *** Price Reduced ***
Set of four wheels off a 1996 corvette, very good condition complete with lug nuts and covers. Sold as set only $300.00.
Please call Bill or Cathy Schultz at 720-872-1259 or email

*** NEW ****
From Bruce K.
For Sale:  73 Corvette coupe, L82 250 hp, runs strong. 66,000 original miles. Almost a 1 owner, new brakes, carb. Needs paint and TLC.            $9,000.00
yelovetbruce@yahoo.com   (303) 543-1238


*** NEW ***
                    HOME:  720-981-9796   
                    CELL:   303-204-4  E-MAIL:   mmdavis01v@aol.  
                    1 ea.  #618-837  C-5 Mid America Car Cover   $125.00  Red & Black (With Bag) 
                    1 ea.  #611-812 C-5 Mid America Car Cover    $50.00  
                    1 ea.  C-5 "Wolf" Full Mask (Bra)                    $100.00