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July 2013 Newsletter

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Next Meeting: 4th Thursday of the month.  July 25, 7 PM
Emich Chevrolet
- 2033 S. Wadsworth near Jewell in Lakewood

Dinner at the Valley Inn Restaurant (Location is right next door to Emich Chevrolet) at 5:30pm

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.

2013 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers
Bill Schultz
Vice President
Mike Davis
Gail Krusen
Cathy Schultz

Mike Shoemaker

Board Members
Bruce Kinney
Dave Chadwick
Dave Cooper
Mike Shoemaker


Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)
Jani Shoemaker

Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
c/o/ Mike Shoemaker
3468 S. Otis Ct.
Lakewood, CO 80227


2012 Committees
Dealer Rep
Mike Davis
 Rally Committe
Carrie Ball, Jackie Malouf
Membership & Directory
Cathy S. / Nancy B.
 Show Committee
Mike Davis and Lewis Kilbourn
Social Committee
Cathy, LynnAnn, Dave Cooper, Jani, and Kelly
Drag Racing Competition Director
Merchandise Committee
Mary Davis
 Roving Reporter/Photographer
Bill S.
Corvette Museum Ambassador
Barrett Benson
 Autocross Competition Director
Dave B. & John M.
Jani & Dave B.
 Caravan Coordinator and Bones carrier
Bill S.


Meeting Snacks
Jan 2013 - Jani Shoemaker   July 2013 - Barrett Benson
Feb 2013 - Cathy Schultz   Aug 2013 - LynnAnn Lamanuzzi
Mar 2013 - Gail Krusen   Sept 2013 - Malouf
Apr 2013 - Dave Cooper   Oct 2013 - Mary Davis
May 2013 - Dave Chadwick   Nov 2013- no meeting
June 2013 - Bruce Kinney   Dec 2013 - Holiday Party

Miscellaneous ramblings from the President

Hi all,
Its July and we just finished our Auto Cross. As usual, Dave Burritt did a great job putting this thing together. A special thanks goes out to John Maxwell for bringing his trailer and setting up the timing equipment. I also want to acknowledge the Arko family. They are no longer members of our club but still give up their weekend to help us put on a great event. All the members that helped did a fantastic job, corner workers, food preparers and servers, tech and everything else made this race go off without a hitch. I believe we had approx. 50 cars and still got done very early in the afternoon.

Cathy and I won’t be at the July meeting but it will be in the very capable hands of Mike Davis. We will be on a road trip to Vette Fest in Boise Idaho but will be thinking of all of you. We will do our best to represent Down the Road Corvettes both in the show and races in a very positive manner. I hear it is supposed to be about 159 degrees in Boise but we’re tough!

As you all will remember and for those that could not make the last meeting, we have voted to primarily just have fun next year. We will do no direct fund raising. We can still help support those in need by attending other fund raising events. With that said, we still may have a April fools rally if everyone wants and we are talking about a Dealer appreciation show at Emichs and perhaps an Auto Cross, other than that we will have all the time to ourselves to enjoy others events.

Our Fathers day show raised approximately $2200.00 for the Wounded Warriors impacting neighbors. Great job everyone. I sent them a check a couple of weeks ago and have not heard as of tonight whether they received the check or not. I did not get it back so I assume they got it. Regardless, you should all be very proud.

Well we will miss all of you at the next meeting but I must end now because I have to get ready for 7 days of ROAD TRIP AND FUN!!!!!!!


National Corvette Museum Report:

60th Birthday Celebration A Success 

I wish all of you could have attended the 60th Birthday Celebration with me at the NCM June 27-28.  My 2002 coupe was in great company with all the other Corvettes selected by the Museum for the Evolution display. With so much going on at the event, I can only share highlights here, but will have more details at our July 25 business meeting.
Six C7 coupes and a convertible were on display.  Wondrously, a Night Race Blue Metallic coupe showed up at my hotel and seven of us spent over two hours examining  features and questioning the GM driver who brought it over.  Wait till you see the rear of the C7 at night, all lit up; love the tail lights!  I believe I must have a Torch Red C7 convertible – it’s awesome!  At the Museum, Corvette enthusiasts sat in the cars, operated equipment, and took many pictures.  Harlan Charles, Corvette Product & Marketing Manager, provided info and answered many questions about the C7.  He also introduced the Premiere C7 coupe that will be sent to the top Corvette sales dealers.  500 will be produced in the new LeMans Blue, with Premiere badging, special chrome wheels with CORVETTE etched on each, and more.  The number 1 Premiere has an automatic transmission, the remaining 499 are manual.  The Premiere Corvette can’t be ordered by customers; hopefully our sponsor will get at least one to sell to a DtRC member.
The assembly plant tour for 250 of us was truly enjoyable.  We saw sixty C7s being assembled, about a third of line capacity.  The plant’s been upgraded, refurbished, and  re-tooled for the C7 with little of the C6 assembly line remaining.  Since workers are still learning how to assemble the C7, plant tours have been suspended to the public.  But if you select the Museum Delivery package when ordering a C7, you’ll get the assembly plant tour, led by NCM personnel.  I recommend selecting the option!

Friday morning’s ground-breaking ceremony formally dedicated Motorsports Park.  Dignitaries put shovel to the dirt, “Contractors, please start your engines” was commanded, the green flag dropped, and the grading equipment began moving earth.  Watch the video on the NCM website or YouTube!

At the next DtRC meeting I’ll have $10 raffle tickets to be drawn August 31 for the 60th Anniversary coupe, the last C6 coupe produced. 

Submitted by Barrett Benson, Museum Ambassador

New Member Corner

IWelcome to Walt Curtis and Michele Wensel. A little more about them is coming soon.


Here are just a few of the upcoming events. Let us know if you have one to add.

Rocky Mountain Region Calendar - lists all car shows, rallyes, and autocross.

Minutes of the June 2013 Meeting

Down the Road Corvettes- Minutes of June 27, 2013
We had 2 New Guests, Walt Curtis and Michele Wensel from Castle Rock. They own a 2000 Coupe, Bowling Green.
Walt shared a few Corvette stories from New York where they were from.

Quorum- A quorum was present with 15 members.

Minutes- The previous meting’s minutes were approved.

Treasure’s Report- Treasure report was read and approved.

Old business- Discussed the car show at Heritage Square and glad to see so many Corvettes. A big Thank You to all DtRC members that helped out to make it such a success. Discussions about a show next year at Heritage or other locations. The club voted to back off for a year or two and talk with Emich Chevrolet about hosting a dealer appreciation car show at their car lot next year.  Also voted on no Charities next year, BUT by no means if there is a function of charity we will all try to attend and help out.
Had a final count of money to be given to WWIN, all approved and check and letter will be mailed out to WWIN on Monday July 2, 2013.
Jani Shoemaker will mail out Thank You Cards to all that purchased items through the silent auction at the Heritage Square Car Show.

New Business- The Auto Cross ,  Sunday July 14th 2013 so far we have 29 Pre Registers and hoping for more.  All chair people are set up with their assignments, we will be having dinner before we go up to sweep the track on Saturday night before races, some will be showing up at 5:00 am Sunday morning to lay out the track and get timing gear set up.  We will be serving food , coffee donuts and plenty of water, tables and canopies will be brought up to the tract.
Club also voted on getting Frank Arko and family a gift Certificate to dinner somewhere for all the help at our Auto Cross.

Governor’s Report -  We had 42 entries at Heritage Square Car show and upcoming events.

Social Committee – dinner before next meeting will be at Old Chicago on Hampton and Wadsworth south East corner.  A big Thank You to Bruce Kinney for bringing treats to the meeting.  Muff Davis will be checking in a possible tour to the car museum. Now that all our host events are over its time to focus on club get always and events to attend.  Mystery meals ect.

Membership Committee-  We have new members that signed up during the break, and would like to welcome Walt and Michele to our club, looking forward to new friendships.  Our club is growing each month and we have wonderful new members.
Merchandise Report- No report.
Meeting adjourned .

Meeting Adjourned, submitted by Cathy S.

Club Members Birthdays


14 - Renee Roberts




1-Mary Davis
2-Bill Schultz
11-John Maxwell
19-Dave Chadwick
28-Don Roach
31-Jani Shoemaker
31-Mike Shoemaker


12 - Mike Davis


17-Bruce Kinney
17-Kelly Rhoades

3-Carrie Ball
2- Les Rhoades


2- LynnAnn Lamanuzzi
12-Cathy Schultz
13 - Mike Lindenberger
26-Muff Davis
26-Jackie Malouf
28-Nancy Keyser

1-Wanda Chadwick
7-Lewis Kilbourn
11-Sherman Ball
19-Gail Krusen
31-Barett Benson


2-Tanya Roach
4-David Burritt

3-Nancy Burritt
13-Dave Cooper
18-Mike Malouf



19-Leo Lamanuzzi



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