June 2008 Newsletter
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Next Meeting: June 26th, 7 PM Go Chevrolet - 7320 North Broadway near I25 and the Boulder Turnpike.

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.


2008 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers


Tim Barnes

Vice President

Joan Breher


Nancy Keyser


Pat Barnes


Nancy Burritt
(303) 465-4664 vintageslots@hypermall.net 

Board Members

Mike Kelley 
Roger Less
Don Perez


Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)

email: vintageslots@hypermall.net
303 465-4664

Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
13902 Detroit St.
Thornton, CO 80602


From your Prez

From your Editor: If Tim sent something - I have misplaced it.  If he sends it in after I post this I'll send it to the club via email, and will repost the newsletter. 

Misc. ramblings from the Editor

Hi Everyone,

Sorry - it's been too nice and I've been too busy goofing off to sit down and get to this.  I did pass a high school on the way home tonight that did sum it all up.  "Have a safe & fun summer".  So that's the thought for the month, and hopefully we'll be able to see you all more the next couple of months than we have been able to lately - as you are all part of the definition of "fun".   A lot of you were out having some of that fun this past month, and even sent in some info about it so we could share in the fun.  Thanks to all who sent in articles.

See you all Thursday,
Nancy B.

Minutes of Past Meeting
Down the Road Corvettes
Minutes of May 2008 Meeting

No guests!

Quorum was present.

The previous minutes were approved.

The treasurer gave her report. A motion was made and seconded to approve the treasurer's report.  Motion passed.

NCCC events are listed on the website.

The Social Committee was looking for mystery meal volunteers for the next few months. The Sept. mystery meal will be done by Alex Nelson. The month of June will have a mystery meal on the 21st.

The club museum Ambassador, John Harnagel gave us all a detailed report of the museum ground breaking, the build out and of his trip. John had a wonderful time!

No new members this month.

The May 24th DtRC autocross was a great success and a lot of fun. The bake sale was a great fund raiser and earned big bucks for Tim’s Challenge. Thanks to all who baked and helped sell and cook the lunch barbecue!

The next two races are May 30th and June 20th.

No report. Tonya was at the merchandise table, available to take any merchandise orders.

Members are looking forward to seeing some new merchandise for the summer months.

The April Fool's Rally was held on Apr. 6th and all went well with the rally. The annual audit of the clubs books was performed by Pat & Gail.

Justin Anderson Memorial Program was a huge success. Lots of volunteers and lots of kids got their bikes fixed up for summer. In addition, some of our ladies from the club showed up and helped with planting a garden for the school children. Thanks to all for all your hard work. Many cards were sent to the club showing appreciation from the students.

Car show in Loveland set for July 12 and 13th.

Annual summer picnic was date was set for July 12th. Directions and meat menu choice forms will be sent out this month.

Meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by
Pat Barnes

Club News: 

Pre-Meeting Eating: It is Mickey's Top Sirloin this month.  Meet around 5:30.  The restaurant is just south of GO Chevrolet about a mile (give or take) right on Broadway.

July Birthdays:  1 - Mary D.; 2 - Bill S.; 11 - John M; 19 - Dave C.; 28 - Don R.

Congratulations to:

Don & Tanya R. on their new red C6 - very snazzy - thanks for sending the pictures Mikey M.
Pat B. for receiving her MBA 

9-News Website:
As we talked about at the meeting 9 News has started a area on their website to report on and report car club activities.  You received these links via email - but I thought I'd also put them in the newsletter.  Everything I've seen so far they have done a great job on, as have the people who have been submitting items to them.  Thanks to those who have been doing that.

The Grand Junction Race.  Even though it was a TORCA member that submitted it , it is our car, with me driving.  See - I still do remember how to drive :)  http://www.9news.com/rss/article.aspx?storyid=93711

Our May Autocross - http://www.9news.com/rss/article.aspx?storyid=92589

DtRC Hosted Events - Upcoming

DtRC/DCA La Junta Track Weekend - August 2 & 3

Bill M. has been working the logistics of this event with DCA - and they are ready to rock & roll.  On Saturday there is a half day open track practice in the morning followed by a Low Speed Autocross in the afternoon.  On Sunday there is a high speed autocross in the morning, followed by a Low Speed Autocross.  The races are all National Sanctioned.  The open track practice is regional sanctioned.  The flyer has the pre-registration form on it.  There is a substantial pre-registration discount - so if you are going you may want to pre-register.  There will also be a BBQ Saturday night. 

Upcoming Other Events
Remember a current schedule of NCCC events, access to flyers, event results and regional points standings can be found at www.rmrnccc.org .  

Flyers are posted on the regional website for:

DCA's Fourth of July Events at Keystone:
PC Show on the 4th and 2 Low Speed AutoCrosses on the 5th.  There is a golf tourney also for those that are interested in that.  Check out their flyer for details.

CWC - 2 Low Speed Autocrosses - Casper - July 20th

CSCC - 2 Low Speed Autocrosses -  July 27th.  No flyer yet - so not sure of location - check the website soon.

As always - check out the region website - www.rmrnccc.org for all the upcoming regional events. Going out of state - check out www.corvettesnccc.org , scroll down almost to the bottom, click on the region you will be visiting, and see what is happening. 

Past Events

Justin Anderson Bike Repair Day follow-up:

Tim attended a school assembly where the presented him with a plaque and thank you cards for the part that the club and Tim's Challenge had in helping with the Bike Repair and Garden day.  Some of the thank you cards were very touching, others cute.  So I thought I'd share a few of them. -- Nancy B

- Thank you for coming to the community garden and helping us with bike repair day.
- Thank you for the helmets! It wasn't possible for me to go on the bike ride with out you.  I already went on the bike ride and it was really fun.  I loved my helmet, it was green.
- Thank you for the helmet.  I liked it because it was green. Than you for being so nice.  You are the nicest guy I barely know.
- Thank you for the helmet that you gave me.  I'm so so so happy that you did this for the kids and me.  I got the cool red one.  Do you like the color red?  What's your favorite color?  Mine's purple.
- Thank you for taking care of us.  You are so cool.
- Thank you for the helmets...  I also wanted to tell you about how you saved a life because A. fell on his head and luckily he was wearing a helmet.  Well I hope that show you how important you are to me.
- Thank you for da cool cars
- Thanks for the cool cars and the helmets
- Safety Comes First!  Thank you for all the helmet you got for us cause if someone didn't have one and they fall they could get hurt.  And all the bikes you fix because if someone had a problem and they went to bike ride and got hurt really bad.  It wouldn't be good but you stopped it from happening.
- Thank you for the helmets.  Thank you for keeping our heads safe.

DtRC 2 Low Speed AutoCrosses – State Patrol Track – Golden – May 24th

Various wrap-up emails went out right after the event (I can't believe it was a month ago already) - so I just wanted to say great job all.  Thanks to all who turned out to help with the event and the food.  The results are posted on the regional website.  I didn't race - but everyone who did said it was great - as usual.

June 1st - CWCC Autocrosses - Grand Junction Go-kart track.

It is a pretty time of year to make the trip "over the hill".  That is a kick-*** track.  Much fun to be had.  And one of the best parts.  No corner workers.  One set of cones at the start/finish line.  And other than that - it is twisty enough to keep you slowed down, and because it is so twisty - it is all visible from the paddock area, so no safety workers are need out there.  The second best part - an air conditioned building you can sit in and watch the track and wait for your heat to be run.  The track was fun too.  Even though it is a go-cart track - it is as wide as let's say - Mead was - or there abouts.  Plenty wide for a car.  Lots of fun corners and elevation changes.  Overall an excellent day. 

June 14th – DCA – Vettes on Broadway – DCA’s annual car show.  
DtRC was well represented here - way to go guys.  Dave was out of town - so we didn't make it down.  Thanks to Mike M. for sending the following:

Daddy Don won 1st in 05-08
Roger L won 2nd  in 90 - 96
Six Pac Jackie won 1st in the 5 classes & Best Of Show
Yes all 5
6 solid days of work paid off for her
Love Jackie & Mike

On the Road with Mike & Jackie M:
Mike & Jackie have been on the road this summer.  And the roads have no bounds.  Mike sent in the following wish you were here "postcard".  

Hey Kids Just wanted to say what a kool  month.   Lots & lots of car shows.  Two different NCCC Judged events,  Concourse in San Diego & Vegas.  Then in New Mexico the Los Alamos Corvette car show.  WINNERS IN ALL SHOWS.  We need new shelves for all the hardware.  Having too much fun!

Also Ft Collins and Stevenson in Denver.  Even the cruse event up at Golden the first Sat. Night of each month..  The Burt Show and Fathers day up the hill with Alex...  Now off to Lake Tahoe see ya!!!   See ya Down the Road

Love you all Jackie & Mike

 And then there was the Great 4000 mile road trip!!!
Submitted by Bill S. 

You haven't taken a road trip until you go at least 4000 miles! Many would say that I got Mike and Mary lost again but this time I did plan the trip accurately.
I could go on and on and bore everyone to death. Just too much happened and most of it you had to be there. I will hit on a few of the highlights.
We left Denver at 6am Friday the 23rd. We went west on I-70 to our first stay at Ely Nevada. Mike had made the comment several times along the way that his LS3 was a mans motor and the LS2 was a girly motor. Being in the that car for several hours gave me time to ponder Mikes wisdom. I finally figured out that he is right!! After a discussion with Mary and Cathy we all agreed that he is 100% correct. After all, we figured, his LS3 is being controlled by a Big Dick. After this conclusion the trip went very well after all, we had chief red feather and big dick.
We continued from Ely west on Hwy 50 also known as the loneliest highway on the world. We spent our second night at South Lake Tahoe. It was raining but we were used to it as we had already gone through fog, rain, snow, Ice, wind, hail and everything else. The cars handled it great. We left Tahoe and headed for San Francisco, what a great drive! We spent Sunday in San Fran with Cathy's sister and her family. We saw every nook and cranny of Fisherman's Wharf. We left the city that evening and headed for Santa Rosa Calif. Along the way we stopped at a sea side restaurant for sea food. We got to Santa Rosa about 9pm and hit the motel half asleep. We left for the Pacific Coast Highway early the next morning, here is where the trip really took off!!!  If you look at the map you will see that Santa Rosa is inland and the Pacific Coast highway is as it says, on the coast. Using my superior mapping skills, I found a road that cut across the "small" mountain range separating the two locations. It was a short little trip, about 1/2 inch on the map. We took off on the little detour and found ourselves traveling through a very rich area of wineries. These places were beyond belief. The houses had to be several multi million dollar properties. Funny thing, the road was like an interstate until the mansions ended. This road turned into the steepest, windiest road I have ever seen!! Mike said his arms actually got tired turning the corners. Watching the compass on my mirror to make sure I was navigating correctly, I found that we were going due West, due East, due South and due North at one time or another. 30 miles and about 11/2 hour later we emerged off a paved one lane (road?) onto the coast highway.
The coast was beyond beautiful, we stopped at many tourist traps every chance we got. The red woods were perfect for picture taking. We went North to Portland Oregon then East towards Idaho. We decided to spend the night in a little town named "Cascade Locks". Just our luck we were in the middle of nowhere and the motel was full. However, just up the road was a motel that was 100% empty!!!!!!!!  What luck!!!!!!!!! Mike and I went into register and instantly caught the odor of well we don't know what. Mike wisely ask if we could see a room before spending the $90.00. The gentleman (and I use the term lightly) waddled to a room to show us. We invited Cathy and Mary but only Mary took us up on the invitation. The room was----dated?---- any way with a one second glance it seemed ok, as long as the lights were off. We paid the man with credit cards and unloaded the cars. Cathy wandered in about this time and "stupidly" turned on the light. Holy cow, I have never heard language like this before. You could literally sit on the toilet and take a shower, they were in the same room. No tub nothing just a room with a toilet and a shower head. The drapes were falling down, and last but not least, the sheets had not been changed for god knows how long. They did throw a decent bed spread over them. Needless to say, Mike and I were back at the office getting or attempting to get our money back. It seems the gentleman was mildly retarded and did not know how to give credit on the machine. I was nervous to I called my credit card company to see if he had succeeded. He did succeed in charging my card 4 times!!!!!!!!! Finally Cathy pushed him aside and ran all our credit for us. As we were leaving I will never forget his parting words. "Hey lady, would you show me how to do that?" Any way, we went on down the hi way 25 miles and found a good motel.
We headed East to a small town called Enterprise Oregon. Mike wanted pizza so we found a pizza parlor just off main street. "NEW YORK RICHIE'S" was the name. We walked in the small dining area and began searching for a place to sit. Suddenly a mountain of a man walked up to Mike and yelled "We do not serve your kind in here!!!!!". I'm thinking, how does he know Mike? He continued that he would not allow Mikes kind in his place and would not serve him. I sat back and sized up the situation carefully. It was obvious that this fellow could completely break Mike in to little pieces in seconds. With great urgency, I came up with a defensive plan. I would use my cat like defensive abilities to push Mike in to his bone crushing arms and while he devoured Mike I would run like He)(*&. All he would see were my elbows going out the door. I wasn't too worried about the ladies I figured the only way they could be hurt is if they were hit by flying Mike parts and what are the odds of that????????? Finally we realized that this guy was talking about Mikes Corvette shirt. He introduced himself as Richie, the owner. We then looked around the dining room and noticed that it was full of Viper posters. Richie owns and loves his Viper. Despite that and the fact we felt sorry for Richie, we decided to stay and eat. Richie, if you are reading this keep in mind that Mike made the Viper comments not Bill. MIKE BAD!! BILL GOOD!!  MIKE BAD!! BILL GOOD!!!. We had a great time with Richie. He has a sister that lives in Thornton. Small world  MIKE BAD BILL GOOD. I have to tell everyone, If and when you ever go to Enterprise Oregon you have to stop by New York Richie's. Not only is Richie the greatest his pizza by far was the best any of us ever ate.  MIKE BAD BILL GOOD. It is very much worth the trip!!!! If you do, be sure to ask for Richie and tell him MIKE BAD BILL GOOD. Seriously, it is worth the trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We left the pizza parlor and headed to Orofino, Idaho. We got to spend time with our daughter, her husband and our grandson and brand new granddaughter. We had a great visit. The first motel we tried was full so we found "Konkolville Motel". Beyond a doubt this was the best motel value of our entire trip. The rooms were very nice and clean. We were next to the pool and hot tub. The couple that own the motel were absolutely fantastic. They catered to our every need. The rooms cost $50.00 per night!!!!! You can grill your own steak on the grill. They provide the steak and all the trimmings for $13.50. I could go on and on about the motel but you would have to try it to believe it. If you are ever in the area of Orofino or Lewiston Idaho you have to stay at the Konkolville Motel.
Let all your Corvette buddies know about New York Richies and Konkolville Motel! They treated us like royalty and we would like to return the favor.
To sum it all up, we went approximately 4000 miles with no problems what so ever. The cars were perfect. Thank god we weren't in Vipers.  (MIKE BAD BILL GOOD). I recommend all of you take a road trip like this. There is nothing like it.

New DtRC Club award – nominations open
I can't wait to see the bone-head necklace that Cathy S. said she'd make and that several pigs gave their life for.   You can nominate others or yourself.  Come on - see some "evil" - tell all.  We want to hear your stories at the next meeting.

Committee Updates

Social Committee 

Anyone that is willing to organize a social event please contact MaryKay K., Deana D. or Carol A.  They can also help with suggestions and date coordination. 

Governor’s Report
By Nancy B.

 Info from the last Governor's meeting.

The region has 613 members as of the meeting.
It is very important to get our Regional Membership Director any address changes (in addition to filling out the web form on the national NCCC site).  Also - FCOA (Future Corvette Owners of America) has a large percentage of packets returned every year - please make sure to keep NCCC updated of any grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc. that are FCOA members address changes.  There is info on who to send the info to on the NCCC site.

The rulebook clarifications that the competition committee rules on will be posted on the rulebook page of the national site.

We also spent a lot of time on getting an update about the 2009 convention.  A lot of work has been done and many committees are well under way.  And there is a lot of work still to happen between now and next year.  It is shaping up to be a great time.

50th Annual National Convention - August 7 - 14, 2009  - RMR - Colorado Springs, CO.

And a permanent reminder for the next year’s worth of newsletters.  Don't forget as you start making 2009 vacation plans - mark the following in your book. DtRC will be hosting the low-speed autocross at World Arena.  I don't have the dates handy, but can get them if you need them this soon.  Even if you can't join us for the whole week, we'll need lots of help the days of our events (it is over two days I believe).

Flyers are appearing on the regional website - www.rmrnccc.org - a copy of that calendar as it stands today is at the end of this newsletter.  For Flyer info and to get the latest and greatest calendar info - check back on the regional website often.

Drag Racing Report
Joan B.

Race Nights are: July 18, August 15, Sep. 5,26. The gates open at 3p.m. Eliminations at 7p.m. Test & Tune nights are Wednesdays and start April 12.

Alex Nelson's Rocky Mountain Corvette has agreed to have a team we can race with this year. Thanks Alex.  Joan would love to have anyone who want to join them up at the track to come on up.   If anyone would like more info, or to join Joan up at the track - please let her know and she'll get you all the details.  .


Merchandise Report

Check out the table at the back of the room during the meetings to see what is new and to check out the catalogs.

NCM Ambassador’s Report
John H.

No report this month.


For the latest news and goings on at the museum go to http://www.corvettemuseum.com/


Sanction Key:
(S) or Sanctioned - National Sanctioned - points awarded per NCCC rulebook
(R) or Region-sanctioned - Events that are listed as Region Sanctioned are the same as non sanctioned events for any out of region entrants and no national points will be awarded. Region members will receive region competition points.
(NS) or Non-Sanctioned - No points awarded to any entrants.

NOTE*** - this is a snapshot from the regional calendar the day I put together the newsletter.  For up-to-date info and any revised flyers, please go to www.rmrnccc.org , click on the 2008 Events link on the left hand side of the page, and you will get an up-to-date calendar.  Flyers don’t change often – but they sometimes do.

07-04 PC Show Keystone Event DCA (R) 22-DCA
07-05 2 Low Speed Autocrosses, Keystone Event DCA (R) 23-DCA, 24-DCA
07-20 2 Low Speed Autocrosses CWC (R) 25-CWC, 26-CWC
07-26 Buffalo Bills Parade CCC Non-sanctioned

07-27 2 Low Speed Autocrosses CSCC Region-sanctioned

08-02 LaJunta Track - Open Track Practice DCA (R) 21-DCA
08-02 La Junta track - Low Speed AutoCross DtRC (S) RM-150-012
08-03 La Junta Track - High Speed AutoCross DCA (S) RM-114-011
08-03 LaJunta Track - Low Speed AutoCross DtRC (S) RM-150-013
08-09 Peach Rally (Gimmick) TORCA (R) 28-TORCA

08-09 Poker Hand Car Show TORCA (R) 27-TORCA

08-10 2 Low Speed Autocrosses CWCC (S) RM-294-006, RM-294-007
08-10 Low Speed Autocross CWCC (R) 2-CWCC
08-16 Gimmick Rallye - Pagosa Springs CSCC (R) 11-CSCC

08-16 PC Show DCA Sanctioned

08-17 PC Show - Pagosa Springs CSCC (R) 12-CSCC

08-23 PC Show in Kremmling CCC Region-sanctioned

08-23 Dealer PC Show CSCC Region-sanctioned

08-30 to 09-01 Round-Up Event Casper, WY CWC Region-sanctioned

09-12 to 09-13 National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.    

09-13 Dealer PC Show (Date Tentative) DTRC Region-sanctioned

09-21 Regional Governors Meeting (Conference call meeting) 303-709-9388    

09-28 2 Low Speed Autocrosses - CSP Track DTRC Region-sanctioned

10-04 2 Low Speed Autocrosses CSCC Sanctioned

10-05 Open Track Practice (am), Pueblo DCA Non-sanctioned

10-05 High Speed Time Trial (pm), Pueblo DCA Sanctioned

10-12 3 Low Speed Autocrosses CWCC Region-sanctioned

10-18 Regional Governors Meeting (Denver) 303-709-9388    

10-19 All Hallows Eve Rally TORCA Sanctioned

11-02 Sno-Flake Rally CSCC Region-sanctioned

11-07 to 11-08 National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.    

11-08 9 Shares & Vets Parade CCC Non-sanctioned


11-22 Sno Big Deal PC Shows DTRC Region-sanctioned

11-23 Fun Rallys DCA Sanctioned

12-07 Regional Governors Planning Meeting (Denver) 303-709-9388    

 Remember to check our website www.downtheroadcorvettes.org for even more events the club has been notified of and for events that may change (added/deleted) between newsletters.

DtRC Meetings are the 4th Thursday of the month.  
There are no club meetings in November or December, except the annual Holiday Party.

2008 Committees:

Dealer Rep

     Don P (3 yr term - begins 2008)

Membership & Directory

     Cathy S

Social Committee

     Carol A  Deana D    Mary Kay K    

Merchandise Committee

     Jackie M   Tanya R

Rally Committee

     Tim& Pat B, Phil O

Show Committee

     Don P   Dave C 

Corvette Museum Ambassador

     John H


     Mike P


     Nancy B    

Drag Racing Competition Director

     Joan B

Autocross Competition Director

     Frank A    Bill M    John M  Roger L

Tim’s Challenge Representative

     Carol P

Sno' Big Deal Extravaganza

     Bill S and/or  Mike D and Don R

Roving Reporter/Photographer

     Bill S.


Want to Advertise?
If you are a member of Down the Road Corvettes, you may place a For Sale or Wanted Ad for any Corvette related items in our newsletter for free. Submissions must be received via  E-mail to the editor no later than the 15th of each month. 

Disclaimer: All prices listed here are not guaranteed.  You will need to confirm any and all prices with the selling party.


**** NEW AD ****

For Sale:  2000 yellow coupe.

Less than 66500 miles, runs like new.  4 speed auto, performance rear end, Kooks headers, Corsa exaust system, Blackwing air intake system and ZO6 sway bars with metal end links.  $21950  303-805-5875, Phil