March 2007 Newsletter
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Next Meeting: Thursday, March 22nd, 7 PM Go Chevrolet - 7320 North Broadway near I25 and the Boulder Turnpike.

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.


2007 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers


Rick Cavallaro

Vice President

Dave Burritt
(303) 465-4664


Nancy Keyser


Carol Perez


Nancy Burritt
(303) 465-4664 

Board Members

Frank Arko 
Roger Less
Don Perez

Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)

303 465-4664
Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
13902 Detroit St.
Thornton, CO 80602

From the Prez


Lo and behold it is 74 degrees out today – Looks like it will be a record day. If you haven’t had your Vette out yet, now is the time to get it out.

Things are in full swing for the April Fools Rally – the route committee has worked very hard on getting not one but two routes ready for this years event. Last Sunday was the first club run and the route looked great. Remember we will still need many volunteers to successfully put on this event, especially as large as it is getting. Don’t forget to bring your door prizes to the next meeting or arrange with Patty or Nancy K. on how to get them to the event.

We all had a great time at the Coal Creek Elementary school car show last week. There was 50’s music, Dancing, Great Food, and a bit of Rain, but that didn’t stop the fun. Be sure to ask Bruce K. about the "Dancing Divas." That gave our social calendar the first event in March. Any ideas for a social event in April? Bring them up to either MaryKay Kelly or Deana Delozier or myself and we’ll get it scheduled. It would be great if we could get at least one social event each month from now until September (not counting the mystery meals). We need your ideas.

See you all on the meeting on the 22nd.

Save the Wave!
Rick Cavallaro
President - Down the Road Corvettes
"Denver’s Premier Corvette Club"

Misc. ramblings from the Editor:

Hi Everyone,

Well - it's March Madness time again.  So - what is March Madness.  For some of us it is sitting in front of the TV (or computer while at work) and screaming for Winthrop to beat Notre Dame or VCU to beat Duke.  Of course - it is the only basketball I've followed all season and I don't even know what state Winthrop is in and I think the V in VCU stands for Virginia (and CU doesn't stand for Colorado).  OK - those were two of the upsets I picked right - we won't mention the ones I got wrong.  Depending on how the picks come out - I'll either still be going crazy come April 2nd, or lose interest way before then.  Right now - I'm still interested.

March Madness is also getting the Corvette ready for a 250 mile trip through Eisenhower Tunnel (Elev. 11,013 on the east and 11,158 on the west) and over Vail Pass (Elev. 10,666) during Colorado's snowiest month to drive around and knock down cones in a high school parking lot in Fruita.  

And if that isn't enough - March Madness is spending every weekend or at least part of the weekend driving in circles trying to find roads and clues and verify that there aren't other things that can answer the same clue.  And when I walk down the street taking pictures (for the answer slides) of stuff in people's yards, or pull over on the side of the road taking pictures of a speed limit sign or some other such equally uninspiring (or inspiring) thing, I do get looks that say - what are you doing - you must be MAD???  I'm just glad none of the neighbors have called the cops yet or when I drive around a block 8 times in 5 minutes past a bank - that the security guard hasn't come running out - gun drawn.  I've only had one cop come up to chat.  One evening Cathy S. and I were parked alongside the road (can't say where - it's a secret) perusing the potential "answers" in the area and dreaming up silly clues.  We sat there about 10 minutes or so - and just as I was getting ready to leave, I look in my rear view mirror before pulling out, and a motorcycle cop is pulling up.  So I waited.  He just wanted to see if we ladies were all right or if we needed directions or anything.  He'd noticed we'd been sitting there for a while.  Well - I almost asked him his opinions on some of our clues - but I just said we were fine - and he went on his way - shaking his head I'm sure.

So - whatever MAD things you may be doing this month - I hope you're having a great time.   

See you all Thursday.
Nancy B.

Minutes of Past Meeting

Down the Road Corvettes -  Minutes of February 2007 Meeting


A representative from Mathews Automotive came to discuss the maintenance and performance items they can do on Corvettes. They discussed their dyno equipment and the jacking pads that they have made for Corvettes. The shop is located in Longmont.

QUORUM- A quorum was present.
MINUTES - The previous meeting's minutes were approved.
TREASURER'S REPORT - The checkbook balanced. The Penny Board has $451 in it and Tim's Challenge has $83.30.
OLD BUSINESS - There was no Old Business discussed.
NEW BUSINESS - There will be a Car Show at Coal Creek Elementary School in Louisville on March 10th.

April's Fool Rally - There will be two practice runs on Sunday, March 11th and March 18th. Club members are encouraged to come and drive the routes. There will be two separate routes this year. We are in need of door prizes for the event. Also we will need lots of volunteers to run this event.

Tim's Challenge
The club decided it would be a good idea to make Tim's Challenge a 501c3, non profit organization. Tim B. volunteered to look into this.

Indy 500 Trip
Ronda is arranging a trip to the Indy 500 which will include tickets to the event and lodgings. More details will follow.

There will be 3 autocrosses at Fruita on March 25th.

Mary Kaye and Deana would like some ideas for different social events the club could promote. If you have any suggestions, contact Mary Kaye or Deana.

March 25th there will be 3 events at Fruita.
May 20th DtRC will host our first autocross of the year at the State Patrol Track in Golden.
Another event is planned at the Colorado National Speedway in Erie on July 15th. The cost of the track is $1400 plus $200 for the EMT which would make a total of $1600. We will put this event on with DCA.

First race at Bandimere will be May 11th.

Respectfully submitted by
Carol Perez
Secretary of DTRC

Club News: 

April Birthdays: - 3rd - Frank A.; 6th - Allan S.

I don't know how many of you knew where former members Richard & Pat moved to.  Anyway - it was Americus, GA.  A few weeks back that was one of the towns hit by a tornado.  I've finally heard from Richard.  He and Pat are fine - they were out of town on the night the tornado hit.  They just got internet back yesterday and still have no land line.  Their home was mainly undamaged - but the street behind was heavily damaged. And he says the city is still a sad sight.  We are extremely glad that they are ok.  We miss you guys - and are thinking about you.

Upcoming Events
Remember a current schedule of NCCC events, access to flyers, event results and regional points standings can be found at .  As it is still early - remember, as clubs (ours included) firm up plans dates may change, events may be added, etc - so check back often. 

3 Autocrosses - Fruita (CWCC) - March 25th

Several club members are excited about the first racing of the season and are ready to rock & roll, and caravan over for that first road trip of the year (weather permitting of course).

Phil O. is organizing a caravan and would like to invite not just the autocrossers, but anyone who wants to take the road trip - to come along.  If you have any questions please contact him directly.  Here's the plan from Phil:

We are planning to make the trip to the Fruita autocross a fun road trip as well as autocross fun.  We will meet at the restaurant on the east side of Idaho Springs.  Take exit 241A and it is the first place on the left as you get on Colorado Blvd.  We will leave this place at 11:00 a.m. sharp on Saturday, March 24th, and caravan to Fruita.  We plan on staying at the Super 8 motel in Fruita, so make your reservations.  For all you DtRC members that don't autocross, come join us for a fun weekend road trip.  You will enjoy seeing your friends drive their amazing Corvettes at high speeds, and you might even decide to try it yourself.

DtRC April Fool's Rally - April 1st
held in conjuction with the Regional Sanctioned Poker Draw Car Show Charity fund raiser

Planning and plotting is well under way.  It has turned out to have a western theme - so dust off your cowboy hats, shine up those boots, and come on out and play.  Due to the tremendous turnout the last two years - this year - we've put together two routes - in order to send 1/2 the cars down one, and the other 1/2 down the other.  This cuts the waiting time drastically at the beginning and end.  This also means two sets of trophies - so those non-DtRC members reading this - sign on up - you save $5 if you pre-register - and there will be lots of trophies and lots of fun.

Here's the logistics for Rally Day itself:

April 1st:  
Rally Starting location
- Burger King - at Broomfield MarketPlace.  US 287 & Miramonte. About a mile north of the US287 and US36 intersection.  The address is 1080 US Hwy 287.
Registration - pre-registration is open now - form is on the flier..  On April 1st registration will start at 8 a.m. and end at 8:55 a.m.   Drivers meeting at 9 a.m.  NOTE: this is an hour earlier than last year.
Cost - $20 for preregistration, $25 for day of registration.
The Gimmick Rally is a non-sanctioned event.  The flyer is posted on and .

RMR Regional Sanctioned Poker Draw Charity Car Show
This event will take place at the Burger King at 1080 US Hwy 287 during the registration time of the Gimmick Rally.  The event is open to all entrants, with all entrants being eligible for the prize and awards.  Three regional competition points to RMR-NCCC members (if they qualify per the same rules as a people's choice car show).   The cost is $5 which all goes to the DtRC Charity Fund.  This event will start at 8 a.m. and end at 8:50 a.m. with the prize and the awards being announced during the drivers meeting for the Rally.  This flyer is also posted at and .

Club Members - we need you:

Door Prizes - you've seen the reminder from Rick in the presidents column.  Bring your door prizes to the dry run, to the meeting or contact Patty C. or Nancy K. so they know what you have and can either arrange to collect it or for you to bring it the day of the event.  Goodie bag stuffers are also welcomed.

Workers, Workers, Workers:
Carol & Don P are heading up registration - and will need a few more people to help there.
Parking and Tech at the beginning.  This will also involve getting the entrants to sign waivers during tech - so I'd envision if we have a good turnout we could use 8 or so people teching (it is easiest to tech with 2 people teching each car).
Checkpoints: your checkpoint chairs are - Gail K & Bruce K for the north checkpoint, Dave & Wanda C. for the west checkpoint, and Bill M. for the final checkpoint.  They will all need help that day.
Graders: I can use some meticulous graders that preferably have run the route - but it isn't strictly necessary.  If you end up grading and can't run the route in advance - we can show you the answer video before the first car comes in to be graded.  And of course the grade sheets will have the answers.  The visible association if you have run the route is helpful.  All grading will be at the end this year.  I've already got a couple of people signed up - but still need more.

Plus there are other miscellaneous positions to fill - the ones above are the high worker count ones.  There will be sign-up sheets at the next meeting.  If you can't make the meeting to sign up - come to the start point the day of the rally - and you'll get assigned a job - no shortage of work to be done.  

We've got cool trophies, a great place to end up, and a fun route.  So things are shaping up for a fantastic event.  Hope to see you all there.

CSCC Driver's School and Autocross weekend - April 21 & 22

Colorado Springs is holding their annual spring driving school (Saturday April 21st) and two autocrosses (Sunday April 22nd).  These will take place at the World Arena Parking lot - in south Colorado Springs.  There is also a special hotel rate at the Sheraton (just across I25 from the venue) - which makes it a great weekend get-away - regardless if you do one day, both days, or neither day.  It's close - the hotel is cheap - come on out for and enjoy.   Check out the flyer on the Regional Website - .  Walt is also soliciting instructors that could help with the school day, as they've had such a good turnout of "students" the last couple of years.  His contact info is on the flyer.

The driving school.  We always highly recommend that if you want to get a taste for what your car can do in a non-competitive environment - the driving school is for you.  Want to try out squealing those tires a little and seeing what all the excitement is all about (without worrying about if you are going between the correct cones) - this is the place to start.  They will be setting up probably three or four separate configurations.  Often it is something like a triangle, a circle, and the third may be a couple of slaloms and offsets strung together.  They will have "instructors" available to get in the car with you and give you advice on braking, turning, lines, etc.  The groups will spend time on one setup - and then move to another one - until they've done all of them.  That will be the morning.  In the afternoon their current plan is to just leave the setups there, and you go get in line and just drive it.  As many times are you want.  Last year they tried setting up a mini-autocross - but found out people got more seat time, and preferred just being able to try the configurations again and again - getting the feel for the car.  As everyone says - it is all about seat time.  This event has gotten extremely popular the last couple of years - but with the way they are setting it up this year - with the afternoon being non-structured - I think you'll get plenty of turns around the configurations.  

This is followed up Sunday by two autocrosses.  They have solemnly promised that there won't be a repeat of the race at DIA last spring - where the course designer couldn't find his way around the course.  There were just too many cones.  It has been promised there would be a significant reduction in the number of cones on the course this year.

All the info is on the flyers - amounts, times, hotel, etc. etc.  The drivers school is a regional sanctioned event and all participants will get 3 regional competition points.  If you volunteer to instruct you will get 2 worker points.  The autocrosses are National Sanctioned and car classifications will be done per the NCCC rulebook.

Past Events

RMR Regional Awards Banquet - March 3rd

Good turnout all - we showed them why DtRC has finished in first place the last couple of years.  I'd say we had the most club members there, of course - we had the most club members finish in the top 15 too.  And we had the most club points, and we had the most club points earned at others events.  We even let the 1st place Man sit at our table - even though he wasn't in our club.  Sometimes we have to let the riff-raff in.  Just kidding Roger - you're welcome to hang with us anytime.  We had a great time visiting with everyone, and I'm not sure I'll ever look at the little butter balls again without cracking up.  And minimal food was thrown - it was really quite restrained, it's not our fault that we ran out of bread (Dale was hungry) and the next table over still had some rolls.  He had to have something to eat while the moo was being taken out of his cow.  Of course - I'll leave it to you to figure out who at our table didn't get their little cow (or fish or chicken) ticket when they checked in - so it totally threw the wait staff off at the beginning.  Hmm - no other members from the other tables are sharing their stories - they must not have been having as much fun as we were.  It was great to remember how we all did last year, and to get excited for this year.  A big thank you not only to those who attended the banquet and/or finished in the top 15.  I looked and everybody but one member (our newest - I think most of the events were over by then) tallied up at least 2 points last year. And the majority had more, all the way up to a lot more.  Even if it was just from working our car show - it shows the great participation we get from the club.  That is what makes it fun - hanging out with you guys.  Here's to another great year for DtRC.

Committee Updates

Social Committee 
This years social committee is Deana D., Mary Kay K., and Ronda F.  So please contact her if you have ideas for activities or are willing to lead a mystery (or non-mystery) meal, or activity.  Some of the things we have done in past years (other than the many driving and/or eating events) - bowling, indoor go-karts, IMAX, plays, comedy clubs, etc.  Mary Kay can assist you with finding a date that doesn't conflict with other club events, and give you suggestions on making plans for a large group.  If you are willing to organize something - please contact her.

Governor’s Report
By Nancy B.

Well - you guys probably get shorted by me being the newsletter editor and the governor.  I kind of cover stuff willy nilly.  Not much going on right now.  The past and upcoming NCCC events are a ways up in the newsletter.  So here is some miscellaneous stuff.

Calendar changes since last month (the region website calendar has the latest and sometimes changes several times a month as venues and dates firm up):
4-21 - New event - CSCC is hosting a Benefit People's Choice show at a local schools to honor one of their members who was a teacher there and has recently passed away.
5-12 - TORCA has added a region-sanctioned poker hand car show on the same date and place as their Show us your Vette Dealer Show.
5-26 thru 5-29 - Big Sky Meet (in Missoula this year hosted by the Hellgate Corvette Club) is region sanctioning their autocross and show-n-shine.  This is a first that I remember.  And if you go - these are on different days - and it is LOTS of travel points - for each day - probably more travel points than you would earn at the events.
7-15 - Our (DTRCs) second autocross day of the year.  It will be at Colorado National Speedway in Erie.  There will be two autocrosses - one hosted by DCA and one hosted by us.

Helmet tech - I've got the stickers and if you want to bring your helmet to the meeting - we can tech it and put a 2007 tech sticker on it.  Or you can do it at the first autocross you get teched for.  Remember - helmets must be SNELL approved and the date of manufacture can't be more than 10 years ago.

If anyone that was a club member in 2005 didn't get their championship patch - let me know - I'll get it to you.  Unfortunately, the championship patches don't come in until late summer - so the 2006 patches probably won't arrive until August of this year.

NCCC National Convention is in Nashville this year - check out the national website - for more information.

I received email  from the national webmaster about NCCC Visa credit card information.  Here is what she wrote:

The NCCC Visa Credit Card Information on the NCCC Web Site has been updated to reflect Bank of America as the new issuer of our Card. The merger of MBNA with Bank of America makes the previous Credit Card URL (MBNA.html) unable to be reused. The new URL of will be the URL for our Credit Card from now on and should never need to be changed no matter what company our Credit Card is issued through.  If you have linked the NCCC Credit Card to your Region or Club Web Site (and feel free to do so) please change to this new URL and any future updates will be on me!


Merchandise Report

This year's merchandise committee is composed of Patty C., Jackie M and Tonya R.  If you need any merchandise or have any ideas - let them know. 

NCM Ambassador’s Report
Tim B - National Corvette Museum Lifetime Member

Registration just opened for the Performance Tour II. This event was held last year for 30 very lucky car owners and their guests ( a total of 60 people) and it was such a huge success that the Museum is doing it again on September 7th and 8th. The tour is a two day delight for hard core Corvette owners and includes all the things we dream about doing. Over the course of the two days, you will get a personal tour of the GM Performance Center, the Milford Proving Grounds, the GM Heritage Center, the GM Tech Center (boy wouldn’t you love to get in there) and finally, the Pratt and Miller race shop. Until April 1st, registration is open only to Museum membership. For the schedule and all that is included, check the museum web site at: Oh, by the way, if you have to ask how much, you probably can’t afford it even though a good portion of the cost will be tax deducible.

In other news, the “Build your own Z06” raffle will be held on April 4th. Contact the Museum for tickets as there may still be a few left. The raffle for the Atomic Orange coupe will be held March 15th. I’ll let you know who the lucky winner is next month.

Upcoming events at the Museum include:
C5/C6 Birthday Bash,    April 26 – 28
C4/ZR1 Gathering,         May 3 – 5
Forum Cruise-In             May 24 – 26

The museum is also looking for two very special cars to complete their “Lucky Seven” display. The display will consist of one Corvette from each generation of Corvettes who’s year ends in 7. C1 = 1957, C2 = 1967, C3 = 1977, C4 = 1987  C5 = 1997 and C6 = 2007. The museum is missing the 1987 and 1997. If you are a Museum member and have a car of either of these years you would be willing to share with the Museum for a bit, please contact the Museum at 1-800-53VETTE.  

Northern Colorado Corvette Club Raffle  

Once again, Northern Colorado Corvette Club is holding a raffle on a red 2007 Corvette coupe. The raffle will be drawn during their annual car show June 9th. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold at $100 each and the proceeds will benefit the Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity Center . For ticket information, go to


Please check the Regional Website - for the latest regional schedule.  If events are added or dates changed - it will be current there.  The regional website will also contain links to the event flyers as they become available.  



3 Low Speed Autocrosses (Colorado West Corvette Club) Sanctioned 970-434-5120



April Fools Rally (Down the Road Corvettes) Non-sanctioned 303-465-4664

4-1 Poker Draw Car Show (Down the Road Corvettes) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303-465-4664
4-14 (NEW) Benefit People's Choice Car Show (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) 719-302-5472


Drivers School (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned)  719-302-5472


2 Low Speed Autocross (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Sanctioned 719-302-5472



National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.


Show Us Your Vette (Top of the Rockies Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-532-7619
Poker Hand Car Show (Torca) Region-Sanctioned (NEW)


Fun in the Sun Show (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Sanctioned Concours 719-302-5472


Funkhana (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-Sanctioned 719-302-5472


2 Low Speed Autocrosses (DtRC) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303-465-4664


Parade (Colorado Corvette Club) Non-sanctioned 970-724-3506


Big Sky Meet, Missoula, MT (Hellgate Corvette Club) Autocross & Show-n-Shine (NEW) - Region sanctioned, other events Non-sanctioned 406-777-2657

 5-27 2 Low Speed Autocrosses (CSCC) Sanctioned 719-302-5472


Regional Governors Meeting (Grand Junction) 303-709-9388


3 Low Speed Autocrosses (Colorado West Corvette Club) Sanctioned 970-434-5120


Vettes on Broadway Show (Denver Corvette Assn.) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303-781-4896


NCCC National Convention Nashville, TN


National Governors Meeting Nashville, TN


Dealer Show (Colorado Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 970-724-3506



Funkhana Keystone Event (Denver Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-739-9515


2 Low Speed Autocrosses, Keystone Event (Denver Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-739-9515

7-15 2 Low Speed Autocrosses, Colorado National Speedway - Erie.  Region-sanctioned. DtRC & DCA 303 465-4664


Spearfish Meet Spearfish, SD


Vettes on the Rockies (Looking Glass Corvette Assn. Non-NCCC) 303-232-1886


Parade (Colorado Corvette Club) Non-sanctioned 970-724-3506



Rally (Top of the Rockies Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-532-7619


1 Low Speed Autocross (Colorado West Corvette Club) Sanctioned 970-434-5120


2 Low Speed Autocrosses (Colorado West Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 970-434-5120


Dealer Show (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 719-302-5472



Round-Up Event Casper, WY (Central Wyoming Corvettes) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 307-259-3757


Regional Governors Meeting (Casper, WY) 303-709-9388


Dealer Show (Down the Road Corvettes) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303-464-4664


National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.


Pagosa Springs Show (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 719-302-5472


2 Low Speed Autocross (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Sanctioned 719-302-5472



Open Track Practice (am), Pueblo (Denver Corvette Assn.) Non-sanctioned 303-739-9515


High Speed Time Trial (pm), Pueblo (Denver Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-739-9515


3 Low Speed Autocrosses (Colorado West Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned  (NCCC non-sanctioned) 970-434-5120


All Hallows Eve Rally (Top of the Rockies Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-532-7619



Sno-Flake Rally (Colorado Springs Corvette Club) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 719-302-5472


National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.


Sno Big Deal Shows (Down the Road Corvettes) Region-sanctioned (NCCC non-sanctioned) 303-464-4664


Fun Rallys (Denver Corvette Assn.) Sanctioned 303-781-4896



Regional Governors Meeting (Denver) 303-709-9388


Remember to check our website for even more events the club has been notified of and for events that may change (added/deleted) between newsletters.

DtRC Meetings are the 4th Thursday of the month.  
There are no club meetings in November or December, except the annual Holiday Party.

2007 Committees:

Dealer Rep

     Mike Davis until 2008 nominations


     Pat Barnes

Directory Publication

     Pat Barnes

Social Committee

     Deana Delozier     Mary Kay Kelly     Ronda Firks

Merchandise Committee

     Patty Cavallaro    Jackie Malouf    Tonya Roach

Rally Committee

     John Maxwell, Nancy Keyser, Dale & Tammy Billingsley

Show Committee

     Don Perez   John Maxwell 

Corvette Museum Ambassador

     Tim Barnes


     Nancy Keyser


     Nancy Burritt     Donna Bauer

Drag Racing Competition Director

     Joan Breher, Ronda Firks

Autocross Competition Director

     Frank Arko    Bill Mount    John Maxwell

Tim’s Challenge

     Carol Perez

Sno' Big Deal Extravaganza       Bill Schultz     Mike Davis


Want to Advertise?
If you are a member of Down the Road Corvettes, you may place a For Sale or Wanted Ad for any Corvette related items in our newsletter for free. Submissions must be received via  E-mail to the editor no later than the 15th of each month. 

Disclaimer: All prices listed here are not guaranteed.  You will need to confirm any and all prices with the selling party.


For Sale:  *** Price Reduced ***
Set of four wheels off a 1996 corvette, very good condition complete with lug nuts and covers. Sold as set only $300.00.
Please call Bill or Cathy Schultz at 720-872-1259 or email