March 2008 Newsletter
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Next Meeting: Thursday, March 27th, 7 PM Go Chevrolet - 7320 North Broadway near I25 and the Boulder Turnpike.

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.


2008 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers


Tim Barnes

Vice President

Joan Breher


Nancy Keyser


Pat Barnes


Nancy Burritt
(303) 465-4664 

Board Members

Mike Kelley 
Roger Less
Don Perez

Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)

303 465-4664
Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
13902 Detroit St.
Thornton, CO 80602


From your Prez

By the turn out that weíve been getting at the Rally runs and meetings, Iíd guess that everyone is suffering from the same malaise that seems to have over come me. The weather has been miserable, the flu is running rampant through the community and the economy seems to be in the tank.

Well, Iíve got news that I hope will break through all of this energy draining gloom.

Itís spring at last! Itís not a minute too soon either!

We need some serious help with the April Foolís Rally. We are just over two weeks away and we have no door prizes, we have no trophies, we have no registration team and we have no one to grade the sheets. We need some serious help! Most of this is probably my fault as I just havenít been able to muster the energy to stay on track with this. It hasnít helped that my auto-motivator has been out of town since the first of the year either. However, the participants we expect for the rally donít care about that.

So, come to the meeting with door prizes in hand and tasks that youíd like to help out with in mind. Letís shake off the snow and cold and get spring under way!


Misc. ramblings from the Editor

Hi Everyone,

This month I'm not fooling - I am cutting it close.  I should get the meeting date wrong every month - the newsletter gets done sooner that way.  And how is your March Madness bracket doing?  Two of my final four are already toast.  What's a Hoya anyway?  Well, now nobody cares - because they got upset early.  And on to our own "madness" activities.   Based on Tim's info above - Dave & I have volunteered to put together the trophies and we are well along in that activitey.  And I know the route people (under Tim's guidance and with a lot of work from him) have worked very hard on the route and that that is coming together nicely.  I hear it is a good route, very pretty and lots of good clues.  That's the heart and soul of the rally - what we are known for - so I'm sure it's going to be another great event.  If you can't come to the club meeting Thursday and you are interested in heading up or know a specific area you want to work - give Tim a call.  Else - as he said, bring those door prizes, and your volunteer spirit to the meeting - and he can get the finishing touches finalized.  

I've a fair amount of info to share in the governors section.  The rest will be pretty short - events are really gearing up for the year - so the volume will increase as the season progresses. And don't forget - if there is every anything that you feel you want to write about - some Corvette subject you find interesting, interesting stuff to see and do in your Corvette, some event you attended, etc. - send it on in - I'm sure you all would like to hear from each other - and I know many of you are pretty darn entertaining - it is time to share.

See you all Thursday,
Nancy B.

Minutes of Past Meeting

Down the Road Corvettes
Minutes of February 2008 Meeting

Alex of Rocky Mountain Corvettes
Alex is hosting a Detail Clinic on March 8th.

Quorum was present.

The previous minutes were approved.

No treasurer's report.

The RMRNCCC Award Banquet is March 8th. The NCCC Convention is in Tulsa,OK June 21 thru 27.

The New Membership Directory is available. It was approved to pay Cathy for material costs.
Mystery Meal for March is Mike & Mary's St. Pat. Day Party.

New membership is now available on-line.

Track event in Tulsa on April 19th & 20th. DtRC will host a Memorial Day weekend auto-cross event.

Alex Nelson's Rocky Mountain Corvette has agreed to have a team we can race with this year.

There is a new catalog available. Need to sell out old merchandise, motion approved to hold Fire Sale (Jackie will decide what and how much).

Tim's Challenge- Penny Board has $436.
April Fool's Rally- The route is set. Committee heads are needed and doorprizes are also needed. Next run is March 9th at Krispy Cream shop. Alex N. will go 50/50 on a jacket for a raffle prize.  Motion was made, seconded and approved for the club treasury to pay for half of the cost of the jacket as a donation..  

Web Site- Mike P. is working on the web-site, anyone interested in learning how help see Mike P. or John M. It was approved to pay Mike P.$45 for software he purchased. Mike then donated this to Tim's Challenge.

Meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by
Joan Breher

Club News: 

April Birthdays: 3 - Frank A.

Donna's '57 - Ahh!! It is getting closer - and lookin' fine. It now is starting to look like a car again.   Maybe she'll be able to stop by one of the Memorial Day events to show it off.  We hope so. 

Upcoming Events
Remember a current schedule of NCCC events, access to flyers, event results and regional points standings can be found at .  

DtRC April Fool's Rally & Charity Poker Hand Car Show - April 6th

"Gone to the Dogs"

This is THE BIG ONE.   The Great Dane of Corvette Events.  The kickoff to the front range Corvette season.  We get entrants from clubs all along the Front Range and even further, and many people that don't belong to a club at all.  As discussed earlier the route committee has been hard at work, and now after a little firming up of assignments at the meeting Thursday - and it is ready to rock & roll.  That and all your bright and smiling faces early that morning - and it will be a wonderful day.  And you know a special bonus - the time does NOT change that day.  This will be the first year that the "spring ahead" doesn't happen on that day.  Not losing that hour of sleep will be sweet.  

The flyers (one for the gimmick rally, and one for the poker hand car show) are available at and also on the region site at .

The start location is the Krispy Kreme in Lone Tree - County Line and Quebec (you can see it from C470).  Registration is 8 to 8:45 a.m. with the poker hand car show running concurrently with registration.  Club members - remember the Poker Hand Charity Car Show - at only $5 per car - is a regional sanction 3 points per entrant event - you must have your car there to qualify for entrant points.  Everyone, including club members are welcome to participate.  The gimmick rally (separate entry fee) is non-sanctioned and we need club members' hands on deck to work it.  Dave & I are not going to be able to pre-run the route this year -but several of you have and I hear it is really good.  If you are a club member and haven't pre-ran it, and would like to - talk to Tim - I'm sure he could use some final checkers this weekend.  I'm sure he'll have details at the meeting and send out email if he is running this weekend.

The 10 day forecast doesn't take us quite to the big day yet - but for the next 10 days the temps are 50 - 65 pretty consistently.  With no major storms.  So keep doing the weather happy dance - and if it is nice day, come expecting to have a large turnout of people looking for to have a lot of fun.   

3 Autocrosses - Fruita - CWCC - March 30th

As usual - CWCC kicks of the regional racing season at the Fruita High School Parking lot.  3 races.  We usually don't make it over the hill for that one (Dave doesn't like to drive with the gravel on the road) - but it is a good chance to go when the turnout may not be as high as the summer events over there.  It's always a challenge, whenever you go. 

And mark your Calendar - CWCC has the Grand Junction Go-Kart track on June 1st.

DtRC's  first autocross of the season - May 24th - Colorado State Patrol track

We hope you can come out and race this day - but even for you non-racers - the autocross committee can use all the workers it can get this day.  The flyer will be out shortly with times, etc.  So mark your calendars.

And the following day - DCA is hosting a couple of autocrosses in the parking lot up above Black Hawk.  So a lot of fun to be had that weekend.

The clubs are looking for someplace to get together that evening, maybe in a BBQ type atmosphere.  Preferably in the Golden area.  If anyone has any suggestions please let John M. know. 

Out of Region Racing - Oklahoma - April 18-20

Bill M. and several other region members are headed down to Oklahoma for a weekend of racing.  The southwest region is hosting the National Convention this year, and this weekend is providing valuable track time both for drivers and for organizers.  The flyer is at:

All the info is on the flyer.  But basically - Friday is a play day and drivers school at Hallett.  Saturday there is 1 low speed and 2 high speeds at the same track.  There is a track map on the flyer.  Some of the track areas are named: Snapping Turtle Chicane, Dead Horse Turn, The Bit**, The Dam Turn (no I didn't leave the n off), and more.  It is 10 turns.  Hallett is 35 miles west of Tulsa.  Then on Sunday the events move to the Sheriff's track in Oklahoma City.  4 low speed autocrosses.  Several of us have raced that track - it is a very quick track - but more than one of us have seen cars go off into the trees at the north corner.  You can feel it throwing you to the outside.  It is a kick.

If you are interested in caravanning down - contact Bill M.  There is a savings if you pre-register by the April 11th deadline.

As always - check out the region website - for all the upcoming regional events. Flyers are posted for most events through the end of May and into June, with more coming in all the time.  Going out of state - check out , scroll down almost to the bottom, click on the region you will be visiting, and see what is happening. 

Past Events

March 8th - Regional Awards Banquet

This was a fun evening and in addition to kicking off this year's NCCC competition season with a celebration of last year's accomplishments, it was good to catch up with those from other clubs that we haven't seen since the end of last season.  A big thank you to Cindy U. (DCA) and Cheryl R (TORCA) for organizing the festivities

Down the Road Corvettes was given a certificate for 2nd Place Regional Points.  Way to go all.

A few of the awards to some of our members that don't show on the yearly standings:
Bruce K - Most worker points earned - Mens
John M - 2nd most worker points earned - Mens

There were 60 competition events in the region last year.  The Mens and Ladies champions (who happen to be married) attended 56 of the 60 events.
TORCA took top club points with 3255.

Annual St. Paddy's Day Party - Mike & Mary D's - March 15th

One word - yummy!!  OK a few more words, it was a nice laid back afternoon to eat, sit around and catch up with fellow club members, eat.  Corned beef, cabbage, veggies, and dessert that left you feeling fine.  Thanks for having us Mary & Mike.  It was a great time.  

Committee Updates

Social Committee 

Anyone that is willing to organize a social event please contact MaryKay K., Deana D. or Carol A.  They can also help with suggestions and date coordination. The rally run-throughs and the annual St. Paddy's day parties are always March's social events.  But I'm sure they are now looking for volunteers to lead a mystery (or non-mystery) meal/activity for the next few months.

Thanks to Bill M & Phil O for providing meeting snacks last month.

Governorís Report
By Nancy B.

2008 RuleBook

In your membership packets you should have received a CD with the 2008 rulebook on it.  This rulebook version is good for 2008 only. It is the planned rulebook for 2009 forward, but they are using 2008 to get feedback and comments.  If there is any suggestions you have please contact the RCD- Larry Morrison, and he can take those suggestions back to the committee. 

NCCC National Convention - Tulsa Oklahoma - June 21 - 27

For details on this you can access the convention  website via .  The price increase date cut-offs are March 15, May 1, and After May 2nd.  The earlier you register the more you save.

Dave & I had originally intended to go - but it is starting to look like we will have something else to do in June - so are now leaning towards not going.  It will be a good opportunity for anyone that plans to help with our convention next year to get the flavor of what goes on at convention.  

And a permanent reminder for the next years worth of newsletters.  Don't forget as you start making 2009 vacation plans - mark the following in your book. DtRC will be hosting the low-speed autocross at World Arena.  I don't have the dates handy, but can get them if you need them this soon.  Even if you can't join us for the whole week, we'll need lots of help the days of our events (it is over two days I believe).

50th Annual National Convention - August 7 - 14, 2009  - RMR - Colorado Springs, CO.

Flyers are appearing on the regional website - - a copy of that calendar as it stands today is at the end of this newsletter.  For Flyer info and to get the latest and greatest calendar info - check back on the regional website often.

Drag Racing Report
Joan B.

Race Nights are: May 9,30, June 20, July 18, August 15, Sep. 5,26. The gates open at 3p.m. Eliminations at 7p.m. Test & Tune nights are Wednesdays and start April 12.

Alex Nelson's Rocky Mountain Corvette has agreed to have a team we can race with this year. Thanks Alex.  If anyone would like more info, or join Joan up at the track - please let her know and she'll get you all the details.

Merchandise Report

The merchandise committee had a lot of cool new samples for sale last month.  Make sure to check it out.  There are always several items ready to take home. Or you can order any of the merchandise in your size & color.

This year's merchandise committee is composed of Jackie M and Tanya R.  If you need any merchandise or have any ideas - let them know. 

NCM Ambassadorís Report
John H. has graciously agreed to be the club's NCM Ambassador.  He didn't send in anything this month but I'm sure will talk about current Museum activities at the club meeting.

For the latest news and goings on at the museum go to


Please check the Regional Website - for the latest regional schedule.  If events are added or dates changed - it will be current there.  The regional website will also contain links to the event flyers as they become available.  

Sanction Key:
(S) or Sanctioned - National Sanctioned - points awarded per NCCC rulebook
(R) or Region-sanctioned - Events that are listed as Region Sanctioned are the same as non sanctioned events for any out of region entrants and no national points will be awarded. Region members will receive region competition points.
(NS) or Non-Sanctioned - No points awarded to any entrants.

Date Event Club Sanction Info Flyer
03-30 3 Low Speed Autocrosses CWCC (S) RM294-1,2&3


04-06 April Fools PC Poker Hand Show DTRC (R) 6-DTRC


04-06 April Fools Gimmick Rally DTRC (NS) NS-150-3


04-19 People's Choice Show CSCC (R) 13-CSCC


04-26 AutoCross Drivers School CSCC (R) 7-CSCC


04-27 2 Low Speed Autocrosses CSCC (S) RM-183-008,9


05-02 to 05-03 National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO    

05-10 Dealer People's Choice Show CCC (R) 8-CCC


05-10 Fun in the Sun Concours Show CSCC (S) RM-183-010


05-17 Regional Governors Meeting 303-709-9388    

05-17 Show Us Your Vette - Judged Wash & Shine Show TORCA (R)10-TORCA


05-17 PC Poker Hand Car Show TORCA (R) 9-TORCA


05-23 to 05-26 Big Sky Meet, Bozeman, MT HCC (NS) NS-387-2


05-24 2 Low Speed Autocrosses - CSP Track DTRC Region-sanctioned

05-25 Low Speed Autocrosses in Blackhawk DCA Region-sanctioned

06-01 2 Low Speed Autocrosses - Grand Junction Motor Speedway CWCC (S) RM-294-004, (S) RM-294-005


06-14 Vettes on Broadway PC Show DCA Region-sanctioned

06-21 to 06-29 NCCC National Convention Tulsa, OK    

06-21 National Governors Meeting Tulsa, OK    

07-04 PC Show Keystone Event DCA Sanctioned

07-05 2 Low Speed Autocrosses, Keystone Event DCA Sanctioned

07-20 Low Speed Autocross CWC Region-sanctioned

07-26 Buffalo Bills Parade CCC Non-sanctioned

07-27 2 Low Speed Autocrosses CSCC Region-sanctioned

08-02 to 08-03 Racing at LaJunta Track DCA/DTRC TBD

08-09 Peach Rally TORCA Sanctioned

08-10 1 Low Speed Autocross CWCC Sanctioned

08-10 2 Low Speed Autocrosses CWCC Region-sanctioned

08-16 Gimmick Rallye - Pagosa Springs CSCC (R) 11-CSCC

08-16 PC Show DCA Sanctioned

08-17 PC Show - Pagosa Springs CSCC (R) 12-CSCC

08-23 PC Show in Kremmling CCC Region-sanctioned

08-23 Dealer PC Show CSCC Region-sanctioned

08-30 to 09-01 Round-Up Event Casper, WY CWC Region-sanctioned

09-12 to 09-13 National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.    

09-13 Dealer PC Show (Date Tentative) DTRC Region-sanctioned

09-21 Regional Governors Meeting (Conference call meeting) 303-709-9388    

09-28 2 Low Speed Autocrosses - CSP Track DTRC Region-sanctioned

10-04 2 Low Speed Autocrosses CSCC Sanctioned

10-05 Open Track Practice (am), Pueblo DCA Non-sanctioned

10-05 High Speed Time Trial (pm), Pueblo DCA Sanctioned

10-12 3 Low Speed Autocrosses CWCC Region-sanctioned

10-18 Regional Governors Meeting (Denver) 303-709-9388    

10-19 All Hallows Eve Rally TORCA Sanctioned

11-02 Sno-Flake Rally CSCC Region-sanctioned

11-07 to 11-08 National Governors Meeting St. Louis, MO.    

11-08 9 Shares & Vets Parade CCC Non-sanctioned


11-22 Sno Big Deal PC Shows DTRC Region-sanctioned

11-23 Fun Rallys DCA Sanctioned

12-07 Regional Governors Planning Meeting (Denver) 303-709-9388    

Remember to check our website for even more events the club has been notified of and for events that may change (added/deleted) between newsletters.

DtRC Meetings are the 4th Thursday of the month.  
There are no club meetings in November or December, except the annual Holiday Party.

2007 Committees:

Dealer Rep

     Don P (3 yr term - begins 2008)

Membership & Directory

     Cathy S

Social Committee

     Carol A  Deana D    Mary Kay K    

Merchandise Committee

     Jackie M   Tanya R

Rally Committee

     Tim& Pat B, Phil O

Show Committee

     Don P   Dave C 

Corvette Museum Ambassador

     John H


     Mike P


     Nancy B    

Drag Racing Competition Director

     Joan B

Autocross Competition Director

     Frank A    Bill M    John M  Roger L

Timís Challenge Representative

     Carol P

Sno' Big Deal Extravaganza      Bill S and/or  Mike D and Don R
Roving Reporter/Photographer      Bill S.


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