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March 2013 Newsletter

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Next Meeting: 4th Thursday of the month.  March 28, 7 PM
Emich Chevrolet
- 2033 S. Wadsworth near Jewell in Lakewood

Dinner at the Valley Inn Restaurant(next door to Emich) at 5:30pm

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.

2013 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers
Bill Schultz
Vice President
Mike Davis
Gail Krusen
Cathy Schultz

Mike Shoemaker

Board Members
Bruce Kinney
Dave Chadwick
Dave Cooper
Mike Shoemaker


Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)
Jani Shoemaker

Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
c/o/ Mike Shoemaker
3468 S. Otis Ct.
Lakewood, CO 80227


2012 Committees
Dealer Rep
Mike Davis
 Rally Committe
Carrie Ball, Jackie Malouf
Membership & Directory
Cathy S. / Nancy B.
 Show Committee
Mike Davis and Lewis Kilbourn
Social Committee
Cathy, Mary, Dave Cooper & Jani
Drag Racing Competition Director
Merchandise Committee
Mary Davis
 Roving Reporter/Photographer
Bill S.
Corvette Museum Ambassador
Barrett Benson
 Autocross Competition Director
Dave B. & John M.
Jani & Dave B.
 Caravan Coordinator and Bones carrier
Bill S.


Meeting Snacks
Jan 2013 - Jani Shoemaker   June 2013
Feb 2013 - Burritt   July 2013
Mar 2013 - Gail Krusen   Aug 2013
Apr 2013 -   Sept 2013
May 2013 - Dave Cooper   Oct 2013

Miscellaneous ramblings from the President

Its March!! Driving season is just around the corner. Next weekend March 16 (I put the date in because by the time you read this it will be over) it is supposed to be in the mid 70s. We will be running the rally route again and this time it appears we can drive the Vettes. (update 03/20/2013 once again the weather report sucked and we could not drive the Vettes. Should have known) I am looking forward to that. Some of us have ran the route a few times and it is all coming together. Last weekend just after the “blizzard” Jackie called us to run it again with them. The four of us braved the snow on the spur of the moment and ran it again. We added a few little side jogs so we are looking forward to the rest of you trying it out.

It looks like this is going to be one heck of a season! We have the rally, the show in June and the auto X in July. Other than those events it’s going to be free travel for our club. Dan, with Wounded Warriors impacting neighbors will be attending our March meeting. He says he is bringing two or more wounded warriors with him. We should try to make our decision of who we want to sponsor for our charity at this meeting if possible. It would be nice to get the flyer out as soon as we can. 

I am looking forward to our April fool rally this year. The route is shorter than those we have had in the past but it is very fun and people will see areas they probably have not seen before. Our check points are established and need a little fine tuning. The route is done and most clues in place but we still have a little fine tuning to do here also. All in all it is coming together very well. Most of you will notice that things are a little different with this route and clues. You can definitely see the influence of a new member stepping up to chair this event. I find this very refreshing. Even I catch myself thinking that this is not the way we usually do it but then I realize that a little change up once in a while keeps us from becoming boring.

Social committee is working hard on finding a new location for our Christmas party. Again, I feel like we were getting in a rut. I look forward to the changes and the new “shine” I’m sure that our social committee will come up with. Yep, even Dave Cooper. If you have any ideas contact Jani, Mary, Dave or Cathy.  (No Mike M, not Golden Corral).

Cathy and I are planning  a road trip. I will bring the agenda for that trip to the meeting. Be sure to join us if you can. It is quite a trip but you only live once why die wishing you had taken the trip with us? Just sayin.

Hope to see all of you at the meeting.


National Corvette Museum Report:

2013 EVENTS  Thought I would give you a heads-up on three of the many activities planned by the NCM for 2013.  The Annual Bash officially kicks off the event season, slated for April 25-27.  This year’s event includes:  viewing the new C7 up close with all the latest information provided by GM personnel on the car’s features; seminars on suspension, powertrain, interior, design and electronics; road tours; and the Corvette racing team, to name a few.  After the Annual Bash, a jaunt on the “Tail of the Dragon” to a specialty tour of Biltmore Estate is scheduled for April 28-30.  If you haven’t driven the Dragon, it’s worth the trip --- I had a blast driving it in 2009.

As you know, 2013 marks the Corvette’s 60th birthday.  GM Chevrolet, the Corvette assembly plant, and the museum will host a celebration in Bowling Green, KY.  The two-day event will begin June 27 with a Corvette Evolution Display representing the first 60 years.  Since the NCCC annual convention is in Bowling Green during the same week, I suggest that any of you attending the convention to meander over to the museum and take in some of the 60th birthday events.  There is no charge other than the admission to the museum.  The assembly plant tour and the dinner are sold out, but the seminars with the GM design staff are free.  Also, both the C7 coupe and convertible will be on display. 

The annual Hall Of Fame and 19th NCM Anniversary celebration is scheduled for Labor Day weekend.  This is my favorite, and the NCM staff goes all-out to make the event special for the attendees with the HOF dinner, seminars with the inductees, autograph sessions, and a seminar/walk-around for the new C7 Corvette.

On a separate note, the NCM has opened the online initial registration for the Labor Day 2014 weekend, to mark a major milestone in Corvette and Museum history.  Corvette, the longest running single marquee, will be in its 7th generation. And the NCM will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of its Grand Opening.  Corvettes will be caravanning to this event from all across the country.  More on this as information becomes available.

New Member Corner:


Here are just a few of the upcoming events. Let us know if you have one to add.

Rocky Mountain Region Calendar - lists all car shows, rallyes, and autocross.

Minutes of the February 2013 Meeting

Meeting was open by Bill Schultz President.

Introductions of Guests
Les & Kelly Rhoades and their daughter , Les and Kelly will be joining our club after the April Fools Rally
Welcome Les & Kelly

Verify quorum   17 members attended the meeting

Approval of minutes, voted as approved by all members

Treasury report was read and approved

Membership report,  Cathy gave Les and Kelly Rhodes membership packages.

Merchandise report  , Mary Davis asked if she could get some money from treasury to buy a few samples of merchandise with logo of our club,, it was approved to allow $200.00 to get a few items to demo, and sell.

Social Committee:  Dave Copper wants suggestions of where to eat for dinner next meeting, a few suggestions were made, with disapproval of Chinese. Jani Shoemaker wants someone to start thinking of a Mystery Meal possibly next month , weather permitting.  Gail Krusen is bringing treats to the next meeting.

Auto Cross will be July 14th, club voted on going with Pay Pal for early registration like last year, also voted on going Pay Pal with Car Show .  Voted on allowing the Mustang club to join us again in the Auto Cross.  It was discussed to get a better sign up to the road of the Auto Cross as it’s hard to find the entry to the auto cross, some of the guys suggested on checking out the road up there make sure there isn’t as many holes and dips, see if there is a way to fix the road or get someone to grad it.

Governors report, Mike Shoemaker talked about the Colorado Springs Banquet this coming weekend and Sunday there will be a rally hosted by the Colorado Springs club, each team will have to mix up their navigators just for fun.
March 23th Auto Cross at La Quinta
March 24th  at Fruita Auto Cross 
And of Course DTRC April Fools Rally.
Museum Ambassador:  Barrett announced upcoming events ,he the museum, he had tickets to sell for the 60th White Convertible to be raffled off .  Also brought up discussion about the Caravan to the Museum this summer.

Sponsor update:   Dan Webster is no longer our Rep for Emich anymore as he has moved on so in the mean time it will be Mike again, Mike has another man in mind.  Also during the sponsor update discussion of the Father’s Day Show was brought up  by Mike Davis suggesting to sponsor WWIN again this year.   It was brought up to have Jim with WWIN come to a meeting to discuss his charity.

Break:  Cupcakes and Pumpkin cookies were brought by Cathy Schultz
Mike Malouf brought up the Montrose Car show this summer, he brought flyers and would like us all to travel together up there, possibly staying the first night in Grand Junction, the dates of this event will be  June 7th – June 8th, lots to do and it will be a fun event for our club to attend.  Mike Malouf has all information, he also saved 10 rooms in Montrose.  Those interested can get ahold of Mike.

April Fools  Rally:  The Rally route is all set and several club members have been out working on the route and coming along really good, it will be a fun rally and many thanks to Carrie and Sherman, Mike and Jacie for getting the route together.
Check Point 1 will be hosted by Dave and Leo.
Goodie Bags will be done by Cathy Schultz and club voted on helping her with a $100.00 to purchase goods for these bags.
Trophies will be Mary Davis and club voted on up to $200.00 for the trophies.
Registration will be Jani and LynAnn also they will make sure waviers are signed.
Checkpoint 2 will be hosted by Bill and Cathy Schulz, helpers are Gail Krusen and Bruce Kinney, this will be the Poker hand.
Parking is Mike Maulof and Mike Shoemaker, and whomever else wants to help this is parking for beginning of the rally and the end of rally.
Tech, will be Mike and Bruce.

Father’s Day Show chairmen this year is Mike Davis and Lewis Kilbourn.

Meeting Adjourned, submitted by Cathy S.

Club Members Birthdays


14 - Renee Roberts




1-Mary Davis
2-Bill Schultz
11-John Maxwell
19-Dave Chadwick
28-Don Roach
31-Jani Shoemaker
31-Mike Shoemaker


12 - Mike Davis

17-Bruce Kinney
3-Carrie Ball
11-Joan Breher


2- LynnAnn Lamanuzzi
12-Cathy Schultz
13 - Mike Lindenberger
26-Muff Davis
26-Jackie Malouf
28-Nancy Keyser

1-Wanda Chadwick
7-Lewis Kilbourn
11-Sherman Ball
19-Gail Krusen
31-Barett Benson


2-Tanya Roach
4-David Burritt

3-Nancy Burritt
13-Dave Cooper
18-Mike Malouf



19-Leo Lamanuzzi



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