May 2009 Newsletter
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Next Meeting: 4th Thursday of the month.  May 28th, 7 PM Go Chevrolet - 7320 North Broadway near I-25 and the Boulder Turnpike.

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.

2009 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers


Mike Davis

Vice President

Bill Schultz


Gail Krusen


Nancy Keyser
Joan Breher


Nancy Burritt
(303) 465-4664 

Board Members

Mike Kelley 
Roger Less
Joe Breher


Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)

303 469-1521

Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
13902 Detroit St.
Thornton, CO 80602



A few BRILLIANT words from the prcz.

Well, a lot has been going on since we last met. We have had particularly good turn-outs for quite a lot of events, both ours, other clubs, and not club related.
First of all, let ME, (as your President), set the record straight about the road trip to Gateway!!!!
I did NOT speed thru the canyon, I thought the “SPEED 35 MPH” was suggested, not the LIMIT!!!, besides, I was just trying to get out of every-ones way, there were about 5-6 Corvettes following extremely close. I did hear about some noises in some of the cars, all seemed to be on the passenger side, toward the middle/front of the vehicle. I’m sure most of the members, by now, have seen a mechanic or counselor to correct the problem. Once we arrived at Gateway, it was verrrry impressive to see the “Hendricks Automobile Collection”, well worth the trip. I’m sure most of our group had never seen a car worth $3,400,000.00, that’s right, over three million dollars!!!

As far as the P11105 passing us, I was warned to not chase him down, I’m glad one member, Richard L., did not heed every ones advice & decided to run him down, (thank you for upholding our honor).
It looks like the rest of the season is going to be filled with more events than we can possibly attend. However, I do encourage everyone to attend as many as they can, it has been amazing to see our attendance graduate to the level we are beginning to see this year, keep it up!!!!

It has been real fun to see such participation in every event, and to have some of our club members win at other events, congratulations!! We have had some of the most interesting events held so far, April Fools Rally, ToRCA show, Gateway road trip and Bruces’ Mystery Meal, (thank you Bruce)!!!

With so many events coming up we will all have to pick and choose which to attend, but do plan on attending as many as you can, it is a a short CORVETTE season.

On to a serious note, oops, forgot what it was
Sorry for the blbbering, but...
See everyone at this months’ meeting



Misc. ramblings from the Editor

Well, I finally got Microsoft Office going again and even managed to add in the ability to pull text out of scanned documents. I spent over 6 hours on the phone with Microsoft just for our President. Next time, Mike, there will be one of those little boxes with a red x in it… ;-))

I sure hope the weather gets itself straightened out soon.

I was hoping someone would send in a write up on the TORCA show especially since some of our club members took home hardware. I thought sure they’d want to let everyone know how brutal the competition was for them to get the awards. Alas, maybe next time. I know that everyone there seemed to have a good time though.


Minutes of Past Meeting


A quorum was present.



The previous minutes were approved.



The books are balanced.



The treasurer position needs to be filled.Help is still needed for the Convention. Please e-mail Nancy with t-shirts sizes if your working at the convention. DtRc is doing the timing on Tues. & Wed. for autocross.



No new members.



A new supplier was located to make jackets at a reasonable price. New merchandise will be available soon.



Thank You Fancy for the treats. July 18th was chosen for the Barnes picnic. Bruce is hosting the May mystery meal. The pre-meeting meal will be at Jays.


 NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM AMBASSADOR REPORT There are 6 raffles ongoing. You can buy tickets on-line. Richard will check into the cost of the club becoming a member. The membership approved being the sponsor for the Au gust National Caravan.



June 27th in Golden is our next autocross. DtRC is doing timing for the convention Phil O. will with the Co. Springs club, you can also e-mail him with shirt sizes.



Race dates are : May 22, June 26, July 31, Aug. 14, Sept.11,25



Ken Bauer from TORCA was at the meeting. TORCA is planning a driver school and race at Dick's Sporting on either July 11th or August 22nd.



Tim would like everyone to think about what direction we'd like to take Tim's Challenge $575 was approved from the Tim's Challenge fund for bike helmets.

It was decided to write a proposal for the dealership car show, and try to involve them more in the club. 



Tim Barnes earned the honor this month.


submitted by Joan B.


Club News: 

June Birthdays:  
Nancy Burritt  - 3rd

Mike Malouf   - 18th

Nancie Arko    - 22nd

Gateway Museum tour and Car Show
By Mike Kelley

Fourteen of us* arrived at Gateway Saturday morning, May 9th, after an I-70 caravan, Friday night in Grand Junction, & a gorgeous early-morning drive through a tree-lined canyon bordered by mountains & buttes.  Gateway, an old mining settlement, houses the adobe museum & resort surrounded by desert & red rock buttes with the La Sal Mountains in the distance.  Car show entrants ranged from an antique fire engine to smart cars (Kathy Schultz sat in one, so let’s test her IQ & see if she’s smarter).  The museum is phenomenal with cars ranging from a 1906 Cadillac coupe to a Duesenberg to a $3,250,000 1971 Olds.  The weather was beautiful, the scenery spectacular, the show memorable, & certainly worth another trip.


* Bill & Cathy, Mike & Mary, Roger & Maxima, Mike & Martha, Dave & Wanda, Rich & Fancy, & Mike & MaryKay.

By the way, I still have a huge stack of rally sheets if anyone wants to take a nice ride sometime.


And another one from Bill Schultz:



I am sure you will hear many stories about our road trip and show in Gateway Colorado. This is only one version (probably the most accurate).


Richard and Fancy, Dave and Wanda, Bill and Cathy, Mike and Mary, Mike and Mary Kay, Mike and Martha, Roger and Maxima all attended the show. We left the park and ride about 1:30 pm Friday. From the park and ride to Silverthorne was very calm and uneventful. We did meet Mike and Mary Kay in Silverthorne. They had a run in with an animal of some type and damaged the front of their car. Not to miss out on the show, they took the steel car. “Way to go guys!!!!!!!!!”


There must have been something in our lunch because the ride appeared to get faster. Not a lot faster, just a little, right Maxima. Picture this, what would happen to you if: You are going 80 in a 50 mph zone. You pass a highway patrolman then cut him off to take an exit to a rest area? Of course, 4 Vettes follow you as though they are attached.

Would you get a huge ticket? Spend the night in Jail? Well if you’re Richard you get a wave and a slow down signal from the patrolman. I have no idea how we got away with this!!! I can only assume the patrolman was Richard’s brother or something. The advantage of taking an exit to the right from the left lane going 80 mph is that most of the passengers did not have to use the bathrooms once we stopped.


We stayed the night in Grand Junction and had a very relaxed dinner. We also got listen to Wanda and Maxima praise the excellent driving of Dave and Roger. It went something like “I came to have fun not S##t my pants”. There were other words but I did not recognize them.


We left Grand Junction about 6:30 or so as registration was at 8:00. I remember Cathy saying that we were going to be late because we had about a 50 mile trip down a narrow canyon road. I replied with something like, “you wanna a bet”. We were sitting in Gateway 39 minutes later. I do remember a sign that said “Gateway 4 miles”, I heard Cathy mutter “Thank God!!!” I’m not sure what she meant. I was glad because I was afraid she was going to pull the handle off the door. That girl has quite a grip!!


The trip was perfect. The weather could not have been better, 75 degrees without a cloud in the sky all weekend. We heard reports of 60 and rainy in Denver. For those that did not get to go, you must see the museum at Gateway if nothing else. Take all the car museums you have ever seen combined and you may come close to this one. Absolutely unbelievable.





Tech Tips with Bill!
By Bill Schultz

“I can’t breathe!!!”


A internal combustion engine is basically a big air pump. The more air in and out, the more power it provides.


You all have seen the adds, “15 HP gain, 20 HP gain etc. Don’t be fooled. A stock air cleaner filter does in fact restrict air flow. A stock filter catches dirt and dust from the air that the motor draws through it. These filters are very effective but by their very design of closed fibers, they restrict air flow and as they get dirty they will restrict even more.


There are several aftermarket filters that do not restrict air by filtering it. K&N for example cleans the air via a oil coating that impurities will stick to as well as using a material that has thousands of tiny coated hairs that will catch smaller particles. K&N is only one of several such brands.


There have been rumors that oil coated filters can damage the Mass air flow sensors. I contacted a few of the manufactures about this very issue. All agree that the problem is not the filter or oil but rather the person maintaining the filters. It is very important that you only use the “cleaning kit” advised by the manufacturer. Many people find that they can clean the filter in regular cleaner such as 409 , simple green, dish soap etc. While these cleaners do a good job of cleaning the filter, they simply can destroy the micro fibers “hair” on the filter material that holds the oil and cleans the air. Also, many people over oil the filter then without letting it sit, they install the filter and take off. This can cause a oil vapor to collect on the Mass air sensor wire. In other words, only use the cleaners they recommend and do not over oil the filter. Follow all instructions to the letter.


Cold air induction systems are very good. The cooler the combustion air the denser the air entering the system equals more power. Just don’t expect the “tremendous” gains you seen in their ads. With that said, a cold air induction coupled with headers, low back flow exhaust etc will show remarkable increases in power.


Next month:


ZR1-----ZO6------Z51------Stock suspensions. Ho


Thanks Bill

Caravan Etiquette
By Tim Barnes


Now that we’re into caravan season, I thought I’d offer a couple of reminders to both participants and leaders on how to keep everyone alive and have a good time on them. So, here we go!


1). Participants, please keep about 3 car lengths between your car and the one in front of you. That does not mean 1 car length, 20 car lengths or (Pat, pay attention here) ½ a mile. Staying together means that the caravan leader can keep track of all the cars and ensure that everyone gets direction changes as they come up.


2). Traffic will invariably work its way into the middle of the caravan. It’s OK, really. Make sure that if you are stuck behind a non-participant, you do your best to not loose contact with the caravan car ahead of you. Note: this does not mean that you should take risks to get around the non-participating car.


3). When the caravan needs to make a left turn in traffic at an intersection, if there are two or more left turn lanes, use both lanes so that as many cars as possible can make it through the change of the light as possible. The caravan leader should be aware of the potential for the participants to get split up and should have the caravan waiting not too far down the road from the turn waiting for everyone.


4). When pulled over waiting on participants to catch up, it is easiest if the last car in the caravan pulls out in traffic first just ahead of the cars catching up. This allows the leader the opportunity to pull the rest of the caravan safely back out into traffic.


5). Leaders, here are my two pet peeves!

            a). When you are going to make a direction change – such as exiting an expressway, please do not pass other vehicles in the mile or so ahead of the exit. There is no way that the cars towards the back can make it around the same vehicle you passed and still get off at the exit you did!

            b). When you do pass a vehicle, keep going at the speed you passed the vehicle at until all participants are back behind you in line, or don’t pass the vehicle in the first place. There is nothing that makes me crazier than to be in a caravan, have the leader pass a vehicle, pull back over into the same lane as the vehicle just passed and then slow down to the same speed the passed vehicle is going. There is no place for the rest of the participants to pull into behind you!


OK, I’ll get off my soap box now. Remember, the main thing is to have fun and not to cause heartburn!



Upcoming Other Events
Rather than try to put the entire schedule in here, I’ve opted to include items both NCCC and otherwise into a close up schedule. If you want to see the entire NCCC schedule, please go to the Rocky Mountain NCCC regional site at 



Sponsoring Club

May 30th

Memorial Day Parade


May 30th

Car Show


May 31st



June 6th

Dealer Appreciation Show


June 7th

3 Low Speed Auto-X


June 15th – 17th

Spring Mountain driving class


June 20th

9 Cares Colorado Shares


June 20th

People’s Choice Show – Burt Chevrolet


June 21st

Father’s Day Show at Heritage Square

Rocky Mountain Corvette

June 21st

Low Speed Auto-X


June 27th

2 Low Speed Auto-X at CSP track


July 4th

Georgetown 4th of July Parade



Justin Anderson Memorial Bike Repair Day 

All the kids at Western Hills Adventure Elementary say THANK YOU for all of the assistance with the Justin Anderson Memorial Bike Day.

Over 100 children were able to participate in the bike ride along Clear Creek thanks to your efforts.

I will bring the thank you card with me to the meeting.

I was going to try to copy in a couple of pictures that MaryKay took at the event, but with this being an html document, it’s not a simple cut and paste and I’m to frustrated after the text conversion to try it this time. Maybe another time.



DtRC Club Bone-Head award 

I guess I earned it last month for getting the weeks mixed up. However, rumor has it that Wrong Way Schultz has once again earned his nickname by not only going down the wrong side of a divided highway, but also dragging others with him.



The first known celebration of Fathers’ Day was on July 5, 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia, where it was commemorated at William Memorial Episcopal Church South- now known as Central United Methodist Church. Grace Golden Clayton is believed to have suggested it to her pastor after a deadly explosion in nearby Monongah in December, killing 361 men.
It was also during a sermon in 1909 that Sonora Smart Dodd became inspired by Mothers’ Day. After the death of her mother, Sonora and her siblings were raised by their father William Jackson Smart, a Civil War veteran. Sonora wanted to show how thankful she was to her father and, because William
was born in June, she worked to have the first Fathers’ Day celebrated on June 19, 1910.

In 1924, President Coolidge recommended that Fathers’ Day become a national holiday, President Johnson designated the third Sunday of June to be Fathers’ Day in 1966. It
was not until 1972 that President Nixon instituted Fathers’ Day as a national observance.

Did you know- -Roses are the official flower on Fathers’ Day, red for fathers who are still living and white for those who have passed.
(stolen from Diane- editor GSCC)



Committee Updates

Social Committee
Mary Kay, Mary and Cathy

Watch for spur of the moment events!

Governor’s Report - 
By Nancy B.

A recap from the last meeting:


1) Fire Extinguishers - need to have metal bracket and straps,and a dial that shows that it is charged.  You can find a metal fire extinguisher holder at the major hardware stores.  They run $10 or less.

2) As far as I know the position of regional treasurer is still open.  If anyone is interested let me or our regional executive Pete U. know.

3) An update on the Regional Competition Director position.  As you all know Curt moved to Omaha and was going to try to continue the position from there.  Due to job commitments he no longer has time to be RCD.  One person in the region has expressed interest in the position and we hope to have this position filled soon.  In the meantime I am assisting with the paperwork - so the website is updated with the results from the first two days of events this year, and also a lot of flyers have been posted - so go check them out and see what fun is coming up this summer. I wouldn't expect to see standings posted until there is a new RCD and they have a chance to get on board.

Convention is coming up.  I know that many of you are coming to help at least at the low-speed autocross that we are running timing for.  Walt caught many of you at the TORCA Show, and Gail sent me email earlier - but for those who are planning to help out - we need your name and t-shirt size.  If you are coming down to help and aren't on Walt's list or my list already - please email me your t-shirt size asap - he plans to order the shirts soon.


Some of the upcoming events for the next month - flyers on the website at -

May 23 - DCA Show at Len Lyall Chevrolet

May 24 - DCA - autocrosses at Miner's Mesa Black Hawk

May 30 & 31 - Car show and Autocrosses - Central Wyoming Corvettes - Casper

June 7 - 3 Low speed autocrosses - CWCC - Fruita

June 13 - CCC Stevinson Show – Golden

50th Annual National Convention - August 7 - 14, 2009 - RMR - Colorado Springs, CO.

See Nancy’s note above…...

15th Anniversary National Corvette Caravan - August 31 – Labor Day 2009
Tim B.


Things are moving forward! Mid-America Motorworks will be hosting events in Effingham and have a page on their website covering the events.


The Denver Caravan stop committee would like to ask DtRC is the club would be willing to sponsor the event as a club event so that we can obtain a liability policy to cover the event.


Please come out to the committee meetings on the 2nd Thursday of every month to help make sure that our guests from all over the northwest US have a memorable stop in Denver!


Drag Racing Report
Joan B.


The 2009 drag racing schedule has been updated on the club web site. Please come out and at least tailgate with the DtRC warriors!


AutoCross Committee
Frank A.


DtRC has reserved Jun 27th for an autocross at the CSP track in Golden.


Merchandise Report

Mike and Martha P.


Mike and Martha are busy getting things organized and ready for the new season. Be sure to check out the merchandise table for new items and to get great prices on the old merchandise.

NCM Ambassador’s Report

By Tim Barnes


For the latest news and events at the museum go to


A new raffle has just opened for 2009 Competition Corvette VIN #1. Tickets are $425 each and limited to 500 tickets.


The construction cams are also now up and running so you can watch as the final stages of the addition are completed! Be sure to go to to check out the progress!



Want to Advertise?
If you are a member of Down the Road Corvettes, you may place a For Sale or Wanted Ad for any Corvette related items in our newsletter for free. Submissions must be received via  E-mail to the editor no later than the 15th of each month. 

Disclaimer: All prices listed here are not guaranteed.  You will need to confirm any and all prices with the selling party.


*** Member Ad ***

For Sale:


1980 Corvette 4 Sale, Automatic, 60K miles. glass tops, Silver / Dark Blue,True Spoke wheels & new tires, + original wheels.

Original and stock.  Good condition. Tell me what it's worth.

Bruce Kinney

(303) 543-1238 



2009 Committees:

Dealer Rep

     Mike K.

Membership & Directory

     Cathy S. / Nancy B.

Social Committee

     Mary Kay, Mary and Cathy   

Merchandise Committee

     Mike and Martha

Rally Committee

     Joan – Chair,

Show Committee


Corvette Museum Ambassador



     Mike P.


     Tim B    

Drag Racing Competition Director

     Joan B.

Autocross Competition Director

     Frank A.

Tim’s Challenge Representative


Sno' Big Deal Extravaganza


Roving Reporter/Photographer

     Bill S.