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October 2012 Newsletter

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Next Meeting: 4th Thursday of the month.  September 27, 7 PM
Emich Chevrolet
- 2033 S. Wadsworth near Jewell in Lakewood

Dinner at the Valley Inn Restaurant (next door to Emich on Wadsworth) at 5:30pm

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.

2012 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers
Bill Schultz
Vice President
Mike Davis
Gail Krusen
Joan Breher

Nancy Burritt

Board Members
Dave Chadwick
Bruce Kinney
Mike Shoemaker


Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)
Jani Shoemaker

Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
c/o/ Mike Shoemaker
3468 S. Otis Ct.
Lakewood, CO 80227


2012 Committees
Dealer Rep
Mike Davis
 Rally Committe
Dave Cooper, Dave Chadwick
Membership & Directory
Cathy S. / Nancy B.
 Show Committee
Mike Malouf
Social Committee
Cathy, Mary, Dave Cooper & Jani
Drag Racing Competition Director
Joan. B.
Merchandise Committee
Tanya & Jackie
 Roving Reporter/Photographer
Bill S.
Corvette Museum Ambassador
Barrett Benson
 Autocross Competition Director
Dave B. & John M.
Jani & Dave B.
 Caravan Coordinator and Bones carrier
Bill S.


Meeting Snacks
  Jan 2013 - Jani Shoemaker
Aug 2012 - Mary Davis Feb 2013 - Burritt
Sept 2012 - Mike Lindenberger Mar 2013 - Gail Kruzen
Oct 2012 - LynnAnn Lamanuzzi Apr 2013 - Norma Jean
Nov & Dec - No Meetings May 2013 - Dave Cooper

Miscellaneous ramblings from the President

Hi all,
It’s hard to believe but here it is October 2012. Where has the year gone? We still have a couple of events to look forward to. TORCA has a rally as well as DCA. I don’t know how many Cathy and I can attend but we are hoping for both. Weather has a lot to do with it in both cases. I know that the TORCA rally last year was extremely difficult and confusing. We haven’t decided if we want to put ourselves through that again. Then we have our Christmas party, we always look forward to that. It’s a great event to just sit back and have a good time with good friends.
Don’t forget that our membership dues are due this next meeting. I will send out an email to everyone reminding them before the next meeting. Several have already paid but some of us will do so at the next meeting. (Us referring to Cathy and me also).
We created a lot of new memories last summer. Events we attended, our show at heritage, our auto cross, mystery meals and short road trips. I look at our face book page all the time and the pictures sure bring back the chuckles. At one event or another we all participated together. I enjoyed all our “old friends” and our new ones equally. We are fortunate to have some great people with us now. I remember one of our first events where a prospective new member showed up at our starting point just to meet us. He couldn’t go with us but was excited enough to take the time to show up. I know he would probably shoot me for bringing this up but I took the concealed carry course with him so I’m comfortable that he couldn’t hit me. We have another new couple that fit right in. He was like an old friend from day one, his better half was very quiet. Well that changed! I don’t want to mention names but they drive a 011 Grand Sport and she is running for Secretary. I remember going to lunch with the group in Louisville I believe. I’m thinking to myself, “what a nice quiet lady” then out of nowhere as we were standing outside she punched me in the stomach!!!!!!! Some things are priceless. Then we have a new member that is so excited and passionate to be our Museum Ambassador. Being around him makes you realize that enthusiasm is contagious! It is so very fun to be around someone with such energy. We have another new member that in fact belongs to two clubs. I have no idea how she has the time for both but she does! Between the two clubs and work, she has to juggle her time. When she is able to join us she is a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing her every time she can make it. Another couple joined us this year as well. He is self-employed and she works also. While they both are very busy they were able to join us several times. They drive an amazing C5 with more than 200K on the clock. They even won a trophy at a show. Quite a testament to the care they take of their Corvette. They are a great couple and I look forward to getting to know them better. Last but not least is a couple we all look forward to seeing at our events. He was a member in the past and showed up again this year and brought his better half to join us! I suggest that anyone that has not had the chance to sit down with her and visit should do so. What a pleasant person to talk to! He is kind of fun to talk to also and always has words of wisdom on the tip of his tongue. You may have noticed that I used no names with new members. I didn’t want to put anyone on the spot so it is up to you do decide who I was referring to!

We have had quite a few great people join some of our meetings. I’m hopeful they will join us. I never want new members just to add to our membership numbers but more for the quality of the people. So far we are batting 1000!
As you know, we had nominations at our last meeting and will continue with more at our next meeting should anyone want to add to the list. We will be voting on our officers at the January meeting. Voting at the January meeting insures that only the members for 2013 will be able to vote for the 2013 officers.
I don’t want to sound like the season is over because we still have a few things coming up and I am sure we will see one another before the 2013 season starts but I want to say what a privilege it has been to be a member of Down the Road Corvettes with such a fun group! Cathy and I have been members for about 11 years and I cannot remember having such a great bunch of people!
See you all at the meeting.  


I have always been somewhat of a nut concerning the appearance of the exterior of my cars. While I have a long way to go to get mine just where I want it, I have learned a lot about what is good and what is not so good in the care of your paint finish. I have researched this subject on the web, Corvette Forum detailing page, seminars, and even had long conversations with “Auto geek.” The shelves in my shed look like a detailing warehouse. The following is a list of things I have learned and may help you.
Despite the brand you like the most, and everyone has their own preference, the bottom line is the most important thing you can do is PREP THE SURFACE PROPERLY. If you really want your car to POP with shine and color, you must prepare it before you apply wax or polish. To apply wax or polish on an unprepared surface is a waste of your time and product if you are looking for superior shine and protection.
Always begin by hand washing your car with a good detergent most prefer Dawn dish washing liquid as it seems to remove old polish and wax better than most. Only use this “harsh soap” before waxing or polishing your car. Now that the car is clean, put your hand in a sandwich bag and lightly slide it across the paint surface. If you feel any “roughness” and you will, you should CLAY BAR THE ENTIRE CAR. Follow the instructions with the clay bar. The entire car, unless it is extremely bad, should only take a couple of hours to  clay bar. Take a look at the clay bar after cleaning one area, you will be surprised what contaminates you have removed. Next use a surface prepare product on the entire car. If you have swirl marks or spider web marks, us a very light polishing cream or buffing compound to remove the blemishes. Be very careful not to use a harsh product as you may dull the surface.
Next use your favorite product to protect the surface and bring out the shine. A few things to keep in mind. A true pure Carnauba wax is hard to find and is expensive. Pure Carnauba is rock hard so additives are always added to soften the wax. Your garden variety wax has cleaners added. This is fine but these waxes make it virtually impossible to “add layers”. Each time you reapply the product you remove the previous coat. You may feel it adds depth but in reality you are not. A pure carnauba can be built up which does add depth to the surface. I purchased PS21 from auto geek which cost about $100.00 for a small jar. This is about as pure a carnauba wax as you can get.  While a wax will give you a much better shine than a polymer product, it does not have the durability and will have to be reapplied more often.
Synthetic polishes are a dime a dozen. Everybody makes the best. Brands such as Rejects, Zaino, Adams etc. are very popular and each is a great protector. I have tried them all and was more than satisfied with each. While they do not add the “POP” to your shine, they do a great job and do provide more protection long term than a wax. Even with these high quality products, surface preparation is the secret to a great job.
A few tips from the pros including car wash owners:

  1. NEVER NEVER EVER EVER take your car through a automatic car wash that contacts the car. Even with the newer pads and brushes they use, you never know what went through the car wash before you drove up. The soaps they use are very aggressive and will dull your paint over a short time.
  2. NEVER EVER use a car wash even if it is touchless. These car wash systems use a very aggressive soap that will attack your finish even more than a touch type wash. All of us have been in the situation where while on the road you have no choice but to visit a car wash. If you must use one, wash with the rinse cycle only. Do not use the soap or foam brush system. Your car will look good if you do use the soap or foam but you have removed any and all protectant from your finish and added literally thousands of nearly invisible spider web scratches and pits. If you doubt this fact, drive your car under florescent lights after it is dry and look at the finish closely. Over a short time these blemishes you have added will begin to show even at a distance and under normal lighting. If this has happened to your car, start the repair with a wash, clay bar, buffing compound and your favorite polish or wax. If you doubt the adverse effect of a commercial car wash on your finish, park next to a car of the same color that does not use the harsh wash. If your in a car show, don’t park next to a car of the same color!!!

Just my two cents worth to give you more to worry about and give you something to do this winter!!

National Corvette Museum Report::


Some of you’ve had questions about the various raffles NCM conducts.  The money from the raffles, in excess of NCM’s cost to purchase the Corvette, is used to fund day-to-day operations.  All raffle winners enjoy the benefits and excitement of taking delivery of their new Corvette at the museum as part of the “R8C Museum Delivery Experience”, as well as a one-year individual museum membership, a program decal, and a wall plaque.  Raffle tickets can be purchased four ways:  on-line, telephone, at the NCM, and from an Ambassador.

Limited raffles are usually conducted monthly for Z06s, Grand Sports, 60th Anniversary 427 convertibles, and ZR1s.  Sometimes, additional limited raffles are offered in a month’s period.  Some of the raffles allow you to “build your own Corvette” while others are for a specific Corvette model selected by the museum for that limited raffle.  The “build your own Corvette” raffle includes a cash option in lieu of taking the car.  The tickets for these raffles are limited (hence the designation), based on the Corvette model offered and the price of each ticket, with prices ranging from $100 to $500.  Depending on the model being raffled, the higher the ticket price, the fewer tickets available.  Tickets for the limited raffles are not sold by the Ambassadors.

Every four months, the museum also raffles either a base model Corvette coupe or convertible which is displayed at the museum prior to the raffle.  The base model tickets are $10 each with unlimited tickets available, and are sold all four ways described above, including from an Ambassador.  You can always buy the base model tickets directly from me at monthly meetings and events I attend.

Whether a limited or base model raffle, the museum always awards the Corvette to the winner, regardless of the number of tickets sold.  If you buy a limited or base model ticket by phone or on-line (phone number and link above), please let me know so I can track the Corvette Club/Ambassador affiliation.     

I’ll have $10 raffle tickets available at the October meeting for a Torch Red 2013
Corvette Coupe for the drawing January 31, 2013.

Barrett Benson 

New Member Corner:

DtRC would like to welcome Barrett Benson to our club. He is a true Corvette lover and currently owns 3. All three are 6 speeds and red of course (2002 Coupe, 2002 Z06, and 2008 Convertible). He has also owned 7 before these and some real classics like a '63 split window, '54 White, '66 Roadster, '66 427 and more that we'll leave for you to ask him about and enjoy his stories.

He lives in Pine Junction on 5 acres with his wife Patty that we got to meet at the club picnic a few weeks ago. They have been married 40 years and met in Champagne, Illinois.

His is retired from the National Office of EPA Criminal Enforcement where he was an investigator for criminal and civil cases. He worked at the Lakewood Federal Center and moved to Colorado in 1972.

He joined the National Corvette Museum in 2005 and is the Museum Ambassador for DtRC and the Colorado Springs club. He is very involved in his community and is the V.P. of Buffalo Creek Gun Club, Chief Range Officer, Secretary for the Radio Historical Society, Lifetime Member of the NCCC, and Lifetime Member of the NRA.

He loves baseball, and use to hunt but now enjoys sitting in his backyard watching them instead. He has a brother and sister while Patty has 2 brothers.

He was born in Evanstan, Illinois and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He moved to Colorado in 1972.



Here are just a few of the upcoming events. Let us know if you have one to add.

Rocky Mountain Region Calendar - lists all car shows, rallyes, and autocross.

Minutes of the Sept 2012 Meeting

Down the Road Corvettes

Minutes from Sept. 27, 2012

Meeting was held at Emich Chevrolet in Lakewood. 

A quorum was present of 15 members.

The minutes were approved

Lewis Kilburn owns a 1975 Yellow Corvette with matching numbers.

The treasury report was approved and balanced as of end of August 2012.

Discussion about an RMCC Picnic next year and just trying to get an idea from clubs on what kind of interest.

Motion and approved to purchase $25 Flint Brick for dealer showcase. Bill and Cathy may have a car to display on top. Everyone is encouraged to become a member of the Corvette Museum.

Discussion on road trips to the Museum in 2013 and 2014.

Raffle tickets are available from Barrett anytime and you might just win a brand new Corvette.

Do you have a shirt, hat or ?? that you'd like to have the DtRC logo embrodiered on? Mary Davis said she can have anything embrodiered with our logo for $10. Simply take your items to her.

Thank you LynnAnn for bringing snacks tonight. Mike Lindenberger will bring snacks next month.

Reminder about our Holiday Party at the Old Neighborhood. Bring a gift under $20 if you'd like to be part of our Dirty Santa Gift Exchange.

Mary Davis has ordered jackets and name tags for new members. Should have these available next week.

Get your membership dues to Cathy Schultz by November 15th. $80 couple renewal, and $50 for individuals

Membership books will be printed after dues are collected and laminated phone cards. Be sure to contact Nancy Burritt with any changes to the directory.


Mike Davis didn't have any updates.

Only 1 shirt is left from the Autocross and was put in with the other club merchandise.

The club had a great mystery meal to see all the fall colors recently with the Malouf's.

Thank you Nancy and Dave for hosting the club picnic at your home. Thank you Bill and Cathy for helping and bringing the fun game with prizes. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the water/fire fountain at night.

Club address will be the Shoemaker's residence at 3468 S. Otis Ct. - Lakewood, CO 80227

Motion and approved for club elections to be held in January. New officers take their positions immediately. Nominations are made at Sept, Oct, and Jan. meetings.

President - Bill Schultz
Vice President- Dave Burritt, Jani Shoemaker
Secretary - LynnAnn Lamanuzzi
Treasurer - Gail Krusen
Board Members - Leo Lamanuzzi, Dave Cooper

Meeting Adjourned

submitted by Jani S.


Club Members Birthdays






1-Mary Davis
2-Bill Schultz
11-John Maxwell
19-Dave Chadwick
28-Don Roach
31-Jani Shoemaker
31-Mike Shoemaker


12 - Mike Davis

17-Bruce Kinney
3-Carrie Ball
25-Joe Breher
11-Joan Breher
April   October
12-Cathy Schultz
26-Jackie Malouf
28-Nancy Keyser

1-Wanda Chadwick
11-Sherman Ball
19-Gail Krusen


2-Tanya Roach
4-David Burritt

3-Nancy Burritt
3-Norman Jean Brandell
13-Dave Cooper
18-Mike Malouf






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