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October 2013 Newsletter

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Next Meeting: 4th Thursday of the month.  Oct. 24th, 7 PM
Emich Chevrolet
- 2033 S. Wadsworth near Jewell in Lakewood

Dinner at the Elephant Bar Restaurant (7111 W Alaska Dr. in Belmar shopping area) at 5:30pm

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.

2013 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers
Bill Schultz
Vice President
Mike Davis
Gail Krusen
Cathy Schultz

Mike Shoemaker

Board Members
Bruce Kinney
Dave Chadwick
Dave Cooper
Mike Shoemaker


Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)
Jani Shoemaker

Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
c/o/ Mike Shoemaker
3468 S. Otis Ct.
Lakewood, CO 80227


2013 Committees
Dealer Rep
Mike Davis
 Rally Committe
Carrie Ball, Jackie Malouf
Membership & Directory
Cathy S. / Nancy B.
 Show Committee
Mike Davis and Lewis Kilbourn
Social Committee
Cathy, LynnAnn, Dave Cooper, Jani, and Kelly
Drag Racing Competition Director
Merchandise Committee
Mary Davis
 Roving Reporter/Photographer
Bill S.
Corvette Museum Ambassador
Barrett Benson
 Autocross Competition Director
Dave B. & John M.
Jani & Dave B.
 Caravan Coordinator and Bones carrier
Bill S.


Meeting Snacks
Jan 2013 - Jani Shoemaker   July 2013 - Barrett Benson
Feb 2013 - Cathy Schultz   Aug 2013 - LynnAnn Lamanuzzi
Mar 2013 - Gail Krusen   Sept 2013 - Malouf
Apr 2013 - Dave Cooper   Oct 2013 - Mary Davis
May 2013 - Dave Chadwick   Nov 2013- no meeting
June 2013 - Bruce Kinney   Dec 12, 2013 - Christmas Party & Gift Exchange

Miscellaneous ramblings from the President

Happy October everyone!!
It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter out there.  I for one am not looking forward to it. Speaking of looking forward to something, I’ll bet the pussy cats are looking forward to the corn maze closing and a short two month period of no meetings so they can escape the memories of their horrible loss.

We have sure have had a good past couple of months. Mike and Jackie hosted a fantastic mystery meal. We have helped with a couple of school  homecomings, visited a corn maze and in general just have had fun being with friends.

I have put out the word of a grand re-opening of a business in Westminster, they have ask us to show our cars October 26th. We should have fun and will get to show off our new Flags!!!!

I am looking forward to our October meeting. We will discuss recent happenings and upcoming events such as our Christmas party. We will have final nominations for this year and a lot of position volunteers It’s always fun to see who wants to do what and plan on new exciting events for 2014. It sounds like a few members have ideas for road trips. It’s going to be tough to beat last year but I’ll bet we can do it.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting. Remember, dues for 2014 are due.



National Corvette Museum Report:

public plant tours resumed on October 14, giving enthusiasts a personal look at the all
new, seventh generation Corvette.  Public tours include a one-mile walking tour of the
production line, and are offered Monday through Friday at 8:30 and 11:30 a.m. and
2 p.m., $7 per person.  Visit the assembly plant’s new website for info:

The assembly plant was named “Manufacturer of the Year” by the Kentucky Association for Manufacturers.  The plant began production of the Corvette in 1981 and currently employs more than 800.  In 2012-13, it underwent a $131M renovation to prepare for the production of the Stingray. 

NOTE:  The NCM announced that all 184 acres in the Motorsports Park have been spoken for or sold.  The Park is scheduled to open on NCM’s 20th Anniversary Celebration over the 2014 Labor Day weekend.  If you plan to attend, click http://www.corvettemuseum.org/registration/celebration/20info.shtml for info and registration; Richard Loch is the Colorado Captain.
I will have $10 raffle tickets for a 2014 Torch Red C7 Corvette Coupe at the next meeting…plan ahead for holiday stocking stuffers! 

Submitted by Barrett B.


New Member Corner

IWelcome to our newest members, Walt Curtis and Michele Wensel.

We met on a sunny Monday, June 28, 1965.  I remember the date because I had graduated from high school the previous Friday night.  Our mothers both worked for a smaller company that created summer jobs and after school jobs for employees’ children who wanted to work.  I lived in a rural environment and went to a small rural school (35 in my graduating class) and Walt lived in a quaint small town in New York with lots of charm.  On our first date we went for a drive in his 57 Chevy and I don’t think either of us spoke more than 5 sentences the entire time.  We dated that summer and actually started talking on our dates! Then I went off to become a teacher (which never happened) and Walt stayed home and worked and built fast and faster cars and raced go karts. As with most young love, it ended.

Fast forward 3 years and we started dating again. The Draft was still active and Walt enlisted in the US Navy and became a Seabee (21 years).  We got married when he got out of Boot Camp and he went off to MANY schools prior to leaving for (and thankfully returning from) Viet Nam. We have 1 son, Todd, who has his own auto repair company in Honeoye New York.  He has 4 children. 

Michele moved to Colorado in 1996 because she always wanted to go to school in Denver but it wasn’t in the stars. After the Navy, Walt worked for Regional International Truck Center for 21 years, moving up to Service Director for 9 locations.  In April 2012 Walt quit his job and moved to Colorado from Rochester NY and secured a similar position at McCandless Trucks.  He must have wowed them because they didn’t have any openings at the time he interviewed!  Michele currently works for CH2M Hill doing Pricing for Federal Contracts, having worked for Northrop Grumman,  Motorola,  and a nonprofit based in education.

Collectively, we’ve lived in Honeoye NY, Honeoye Falls, NY, Port Hueneme CA, Oxnard CA, Santa Barbara, CA, San Diego CA, Highlands Ranch, CO, Guam, Bermuda, Midway Island, Virginia, and Diego Garcia.  We’ve been married for 13 years – “with broken service” and we’ve lived in Castle Rock in our “forever home” for a year.

We have 2 Jeeps (Wrangler and Grand Cherokee) and our 2000 C5 so you might say we’re a bit bipolar.  The C5 is our first corvette but Walt would like to buy himself a new anniversary C7 but our garage will only hold 4 cars – Michele has 1 spot reserved for her “someday soon Mustang”.

We both enjoy watching football especially Broncos and Green Bay, some hockey and of course Walt will watch anything that races on 4 wheels.  Walt loves tinkering with his cars and Michele likes to cook and was an English language tutor through the Douglas County Libraries for 3 years until work got too demanding.  We also take our Wrangler out on runs with the folks from MedVed and just returned from our first Jeep Jamboree in Ouray and Telluride.


Here are just a few of the upcoming events. Let us know if you have one to add.

Rocky Mountain Region Calendar - lists all car shows, rallyes, and autocross.

Minutes of the September 2013 Meeting

DTRC  September 26, 2013
President Bill Schultz opened the meeting , we had two new visitors Russ & Renee. 
There was a quorum of 21 members present.
Minutes were approved from last meeting.
Treasurer report was read and approved.

Membership report,  membership dues will be due next meeting they have to be in by the first of November so would like to have them in at next meeting October 24, 2012, if you cannot be at next meeting please mail your dues to Cathy Schultz, 12238 Hudson Ct.  Thornton, CO  80241
Couple renewals $80.00  and single renewal is $50.00

Merchandise Report, Mary Davis  asked new members for their coat size so she can get their new coats from our sponsor Emich.  We also displayed our new club teardrop flag, designed by Les and Kelly Rhodes, thank you so much, also Jani and Mike suggested them to use their vendor which saved us lots of money so we were able to get 2 of them, they spent lots of time on this project and very well rewarded and appreciated by all the club.  Les had some ideals for window decals with our emblem and small flags to display on our cars with our emblems also those that are interested in car flags please let Les Rhodes know, if we can get 25 interested the price will be $13.50 for a 12x14, voted on getting the stickers for windows.

Social Committee,
PVHS homecoming will be at 6:30 Friday night October 4th, dress warm.  Also have another school wanting us to help them out with their homecoming parade October 11th, Bill will send out email out when he gets all the details.  Discussed a corn maze outing, decided October 12th, will send out an email to the club to let them know where and what time.  Dinner before the next meeting will be at Elephant Bar located 7111 W Alaska Drive Lakewood (Belmar), CO this will be in the Belmar shopping area, if you get lost, just call me (LOL) not Bill.
The location for Christmas dinner has been reserved!  The Keg Steak House December 12th, mark this on your calendar please, we will be having a gift exchange priced $25.00 value,  location will be
Colorado Mills 14065 W. Colfax Drive, Lakewood CO…
Many thanks to Jacie and Mike Malouf for the wonderful treats. 

Governor’s report, Mike Shoemaker reported that two clubs in our region have dropped out of NCCC and decided to join WSCC .
There is a regional convention for NCCC in Las Vegas next year April 4, 2014, Mike will keep us posted as some of the club members are very interested in going.
Upcoming Rally put on by TORCA All Halloween, October 27th 2013
Sno Flakes Rallye put on by CSCC, November 3, 2013
Turkey Rally put on by DCA  November 24 th
If anyone is interested in going to any of these upcoming events email the club and let them know see if anyone else would like to go and start up a caravan to the event as we would like to support all the corvette clubs in our region.

Museum Ambassador Barrett Benson  had raffle tickets for the 2014 coupe  (RED)

Sponsor update:  nothing to report.

New Business
Nominations so far for  the year 2014 of officers for the Club were made
If you have any nominations for opening offices available please make them this upcoming meeting
Offices open are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Governor, and two board members.
Voting ballets will be handed out at the first meeting of the New Year.
Volunteer openings are
Social Committee: 
Membership Committee:
Dealer Rep:  Mike Davis
Museum Ambassador:  Barrett Benson
Car Show Chairman or Chairwoman, Auto Cross Chairman, we already have Chairman and Chairwomen for the April Fools Ralley     

Submitted by Cathy S.           

Club Members Birthdays


6 - Ingrid Tryon
14 - Renee Roberts




1-Mary Davis
2-Bill Schultz
11-John Maxwell
19-Dave Chadwick
28-Don Roach
31-Jani Shoemaker
31-Mike Shoemaker


12 - Mike Davis


17-Bruce Kinney
17-Kelly Rhoades

3-Carrie Ball
2- Les Rhoades


2- LynnAnn Lamanuzzi
12-Cathy Schultz
13 - Mike Lindenberger
26-Muff Davis
26-Jackie Malouf
28-Nancy Keyser
28-Michele Wensel

1-Wanda Chadwick
7-Lewis Kilbourn
11-Sherman Ball
19-Gail Krusen
31-Barett Benson


2-Tanya Roach
4-David Burritt
17-Jack Tryon

3-Nancy Burritt
3-Walt Curtis
13-Dave Cooper
18-Mike Malouf



19-Leo Lamanuzzi



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