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September 2013 Newsletter

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Next Meeting: 4th Thursday of the month.  Sept. 26, 7 PM
Emich Chevrolet
- 2033 S. Wadsworth near Jewell in Lakewood

Dinner at the Old Chicago (3550 South Wadsworth Boulevard) at 5:30pm

Guest Presenters - Limit of 2 presentations per meeting, please make arrangements with the President at least a day in advance to be placed on the agenda and to see if the limit has been reached for this month.

2013 Down the Road Corvette Club Officers
Bill Schultz
Vice President
Mike Davis
Gail Krusen
Cathy Schultz

Mike Shoemaker

Board Members
Bruce Kinney
Dave Chadwick
Dave Cooper
Mike Shoemaker


Newsletter Info (Deadline the 15th)
Jani Shoemaker

Official Club Address
Down the Road Corvettes
c/o/ Mike Shoemaker
3468 S. Otis Ct.
Lakewood, CO 80227


2013 Committees
Dealer Rep
Mike Davis
 Rally Committe
Carrie Ball, Jackie Malouf
Membership & Directory
Cathy S. / Nancy B.
 Show Committee
Mike Davis and Lewis Kilbourn
Social Committee
Cathy, LynnAnn, Dave Cooper, Jani, and Kelly
Drag Racing Competition Director
Merchandise Committee
Mary Davis
 Roving Reporter/Photographer
Bill S.
Corvette Museum Ambassador
Barrett Benson
 Autocross Competition Director
Dave B. & John M.
Jani & Dave B.
 Caravan Coordinator and Bones carrier
Bill S.


Meeting Snacks
Jan 2013 - Jani Shoemaker   July 2013 - Barrett Benson
Feb 2013 - Cathy Schultz   Aug 2013 - LynnAnn Lamanuzzi
Mar 2013 - Gail Krusen   Sept 2013 - Malouf
Apr 2013 - Dave Cooper   Oct 2013 - Mary Davis
May 2013 - Dave Chadwick   Nov 2013- no meeting
June 2013 - Bruce Kinney   Dec 12, 2013 - Christmas Party & Gift Exchange

Miscellaneous ramblings from the President

Hi all,

We have had a great summer!  We have gained a few great members, had lots of fun and have more to look forward to. It seems that Les and Kelly have set a standard for mystery meals that others are using to judge all others. Mike and Jackie are hosting the next meal and it sounds like a good one also.

You must attend the Sept. meeting I have something to show everyone that, thanks to a few members will really make our club #1 at upcoming events. I am excited about this (these) items and I am sure you all will be very proud of it (them).

We will start nominations at our Sept. meeting. Those positions open for nomination are:
President                              Vice President
Secretary                              Treasurer

And two board member positions now held by Dave Chadwick and Bruce Kinney.
We will need volunteers for many other positions.
Hope to see you all at the meeting.


National Corvette Museum Report:

A DAY  (or Three)  AT THE MUSEUM    I had a great time August 29-31 at NCM's 19th Annual Celebration, attending the Hall Of Fame ceremonies, seminars, and renewing old friendships with lots of Corvette enthusiasts.  Meeting Johnny O'Connell and Werner Meier for the first time, I felt fortunate to be photographed with them, and they graciously autographed the photos.  Also glad I took along photos I'd previously had taken with Wil Cooksey, Andy Pilgrim, Kirk Binnion, Harlan Charles, Gordon Killebrew, Doug Fehan, Roc Linkov, and Bob Bondurant, as they were all signed during the autograph session.  Of course the hot topic of conversation was the C7, the focus of a seminar by Harlan Charles and Kirk Binnion, who offered personal insights and highlights and fielded many questions from the audience.

Hope you'll be going to next year's special 20th Anniversary Celebration with me!  A lot of planning is already underway to coordinate attendees from all across the country.  On the NCM website   http://www.corvettemuseum.org  click on the Colorado map for the latest info, event schedule and registration procedure.  The Colorado caravan captain, Richard Loch, just released the names of two of the motels where caravanners will stay along the route.

Finally, a tip 'o the hat --- or, make that Corvette cap --- to each and every one of you for supporting the National Corvette Museum via raffle tickets, brick purchases, and memberships.  Your support helped me achieve Master Ambassador status for a second year.  Thanks so much for selecting me as your NCM Ambassador...  it's a position I truly enjoy!

At our next meeting, I'll have $10 raffle tickets for a 2014 Torch Red C7 coupe.

Submitted by Barrett Benson, NCM Ambassador


New Member Corner

IWelcome to our newest members, Walt Curtis and Michele Wensel. A little more about them is coming soon.


Here are just a few of the upcoming events. Let us know if you have one to add.

Rocky Mountain Region Calendar - lists all car shows, rallyes, and autocross.

Minutes of the August 2013 Meeting

We had 1 Guest, Matt Barron who let us know he has two corvettes for sale.

Quorum- A quorum was present with 18 members.

Minutes- The previous meeting’s minutes were approved.

Treasure’s Report- Treasure report was read and approved.

Old Business-  Thank You Kelly and Les for a wonderful Mystery Meal , we traveled some beautiful roads the back way to Colorado Springs and had a tour of Peterson Air force base, afterwards we went to a German restaurant for a great lunch and had a little birthday party for Bruce Kinney and Kelly Rhodes.  Then to finish it off we had a little tournament of Miniature Golf in the Springs.  Goodie bags (my favorite) were handed out for our long road trip along with panic envelopes, Prizes to the winners of the Miniature Golf,  it was way too much fun.

New Business- Our next Mystery meal will be September 21, 2013 talked about possible date of having a club picnic, just trying to pick a date in September, which is a busy month for everyone.   Club voted on $300.00 for a new club flag, talked about getting a feather flag, between Cathy , Bill, Les and Kelly, Jani and Mike we can put our heads together to get this done, as I am writing up the minutes, I know this has been done and can’t wait for all the club to see the results…  Gathered up all sizes for the new club members to get their jackets ordered as cool weather will be arriving soon.  L  We discussed possibly getting with Emich to see if he would like us to have a little car show at the dealership during the showing of the C-7 when they get it in.  Those who are going to Grand Lake Car Show will meet Saturday Morning at 6:00 am exit of Morrison and I-70, club wants to bring our banner.
Mike Malouf told the club that he would like to get a group together to go to Dallas Texas to the Mecum car auction  dates September 5, 6, and 7th.

Governor’s Report -  We had no Governors report.

Museum Ambassador- Barrett reported that the head of the Corvette Caravan to Bowling Green next year would like to come and talk to our club, this will be the anniversary of the 20th Caravan, there will be a package and plant tour, this would be a good time or order your new C-7 when you visit the plant next year.  Barrett mailed in all the raffle tickets for the 2014 Red Coup, next meeting he will have tickets for the next drawing which will be in January.  He said that there will be (3) sets of raffle drawings next year for the C-7.

Dealer Report-  We had no dealer report.

Membership Committee-  Gave Matt Barron  information about joining our club.

Merchandise Report- No report.

Social Committee-   The social committee is still working on a Christmas Party, the Date will Be December 12th, so try to save the date on your calendar to have a nice dinner and gift exchange with friends in the club during the holiday season.   Dinner before the next meeting on September 26th will be at Old Chicago 3550 South Wadsworth Boulevard Lakewood, CO , we usually like to meet for dinner about 5:30 which should give us time to eat before the meeting.
Thank You So much LynAnn and Leo for bringing treats to the meeting during our break. Next couple to bring snacks are Mike and Jacie Malouf for the September meeting.
April’s Fool Rally:  we just talked briefly about the rally and possibly Bruce Kinney would like to be head chairman of the event, this rally is held the first Sunday in April and is a lot of fun, it’s usually the first rally and social event of the spring in the Rocky Mountain Region of Corvette Clubs. 

Before meeting adjourned Matt Barron said he had two corvettes for sale, a 2004 with 11,600 miles Mag Red cost $26,500 and a 64 coupe white silver interior with under the hood ready for a show, 300 horse, 4 speed all numbers match cost $36,500.

Meeting adjourned

Submitted by Cathy Schultz

Club Members Birthdays


14 - Renee Roberts




1-Mary Davis
2-Bill Schultz
11-John Maxwell
19-Dave Chadwick
28-Don Roach
31-Jani Shoemaker
31-Mike Shoemaker


12 - Mike Davis


17-Bruce Kinney
17-Kelly Rhoades

3-Carrie Ball
2- Les Rhoades


2- LynnAnn Lamanuzzi
12-Cathy Schultz
13 - Mike Lindenberger
26-Muff Davis
26-Jackie Malouf
28-Nancy Keyser

1-Wanda Chadwick
7-Lewis Kilbourn
11-Sherman Ball
19-Gail Krusen
31-Barett Benson


2-Tanya Roach
4-David Burritt

3-Nancy Burritt
13-Dave Cooper
18-Mike Malouf



19-Leo Lamanuzzi



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